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Screen Size Optimization

In order for this site to appear properly, we recommend having your screen resolution set at 1024 by 768 pixels or larger. Below are the simple steps to adjust your screen settings.

Method 1

With all programs minimized to the bottom of your screen, "right click" on the center of the screen. You should see a menu appear. On this menu, select "properties". See picture below.

Once properties is selected you will see another screen appear. On this screen you will click the "settings tab" at the top. Now move the slider bar on the bottom left to the desired setting. Now click "apply" then "ok". You will see your screen adjust and you are ready to go. See picture below.

Method 2

With this method you will achieve the same results as the first.

Move down and "click" on start. When the menu appears move up and select "control panel" or "settings" then "control panel" depending on your Windows operating system. See picture below.

This step is for Windows XP only, skip if using an older version of windows. Once the control panel has appeared select "appearance and themes". See picture below.

Once the control panel or appearance and themes screen has appeared select "display". See picture below.

This should bring up another screen which should say "display properties" at the top. Now click the "settings tab" at the top. Now adjust the slider bar labeled either "screen resolution" or "screen area" to the proper pixel setting. Now select "apply" and "ok". You will see your screen change and you are ready to go. See picture below.

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