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Leeton Boys 56 Drexel 38

     The Leeton High School basketball team continues to move in the right direction. Tuesday night in Grandview High School's gymnasium they took on the Drexel Bobcats, winner of District 7. Leeton, champs of District 8, were ready for them. In the first quarter Drexel was fast and accurate with their shots and managed to take a 15-11 lead. In the second quarter it was back and forth and finally toward the end of the quarter the Bulldogs began to assert themselves accented by a long 3-pointer by James Cavender to "Convince" the Bobcats Leeton had come to play. Leeton led at halftime 25-19.

     Dylan "Swoosh" Swabby demonstrated brilliant shooting hitting five 3-pointers and 3 deuces for 21 points for the night---his best performance of the year. Levi Manley was "the Man" dominating underneath putting in five deuces and nailing three free throws for thirteen points. Wyatt Fleming led "the riot" inside tossing in four deuces and two free throws for ten points.

     In the second half Leeton took over the game in the 3rd quarter scoring 18 points while Drexel was held to 6. Pushing to a 43-25 lead the team led by as many as 20. Going down the home stretch the team found accuracy at the free throw line with Alex Smith getting one to cap a deuce; Darius Cramer made 2; Trevor Elwell made 2; James Cavender 1; Wyatt Fleming 2; and Levi Manley 3 as the seconds ticked off the clock. Leeton wrapped it up winning 56 to 38 and will play Saturday in Clinton High School's new gymnasium in the quarterfinals.

Leeton Boys 61 Green Ridge 51

     The Leeton Bulldogs basketball team took the floor Friday night against the Green Ridge Tigers. Both were looking for a District Championship. From the tip off the two teams battled back and forth with the lead changing six times in the first half. At the end of the first quarter Leeton trailed 14-15 but that lead didn't last long as the Bulldogs kept pounding away. At halftime they had a seven point lead which was the largest either team had in the first half. Score was 30-23 in favor of Leeton.

     In the first half Wyatt Fleming was causing a riot in the stands with his quick 2 pointers from the inside. He made four in the first half. He added two free throws in the closing minutes of the game for 10 points. Dylan Swabby, unable to hit the 3-pointer, quickly took the 2 point range and rattled the basket three times while getting a free throw in the first half. In the second half he sank four urgently needed free throws to help maintain the lead. He had 11 points in the game.

     James Cavender continues to convince the public he is a good shot pouring in six deuces in the game and two free throws for 14 points. Levi Manley stepped it up a notch this game and shot two deuces in each half plus sank two free throws for a total of ten points. Trevor Elwell had a deuce in both halves for four points. Darius Cramer had a deuce for 2. Alex Smith sank four free throws and a deuce for six points. Aaron Norush sank two free throws and a deuce for four points.

     This tremendous team effort and excellent defense against a very good shooting team with several 3-point shooters led to an impressive win for the Bulldogs 61-51. Amazingly this game saw no Bulldogs making 3-pointers but they did make their free throws.

     They play the winner of District #7 which surprisingly was Drexel who knocked off Montrose in the championship game. The game between Leeton and Drexel will be held at Grandview at 2300 High Grove Road on March 3 at 6 pm.

Team Record 14-13

     In other games of interest for Leeton fans, Hermitage lost to Macks Creek 58-52. Wellington's game was moved to Saturday as was Sacred Heart. The Drexel Bobcats have improved throughout the season as their scores show. Teams that ran over them early were defeated in the past few weeks. Here are the scores of their games this season.
Lone Jack 70 Drexel 65
Rich Hill 71 Drexel 41
Midway 54 Drexel 45
Appleton City 38 Drexel 26
Drexel 81 Sherwood 54
Drexel 66 Pleasanton, KS 29
Prairie View 39 Drexel 37
Mound City, KS 54 Drexel 40
Drexel 62 Hume 27
Lakeland 54 Drexel 49
Appleton City 46 Drexel 39
Drexel 62 Chilhowee 52
Drexel 52 Ballard 51
Rich Hill 59 Drexel 58
Midway 41 Drexel 26
Drexel 50 Archie 28
Adrian 49 Drexel 45
Windsor 70 Drexel 47
Drexel 59 Midway 51
Drexel 72 KC Lutheran 60
Drexel 59 Adrian 42
Drexel 71 Miami 17
Osceola 80 Drexel 44
Drexel 56 Ballard 35
Drexel 38 Appleton City 27
Drexel 59 Montrose 47 (Dist. 7 championship)

Highest Winning Percentage of Any Leeton Boys Team

     There are several records being set by this 2014-2015 Leeton High School Bulldog Basketball Team. They have the most seniors that have ever played on the same team: Wyatt Bell, Alex Smith, Nick Baker, James Cavender, Levi Manley, Wyatt Fleming and Dylan Swabby.

     They have the highest winning percentage, 91%, of any previous boys team at Leeton High School. During the regular season they posted 22 wins against 2 defeats. Their percentage continues to go up with every win since the post-season started.

     They have scored as a team the most 3-pointers of any team in the history of Leeton basketball. Of course the 3-pointer is a fairly recent innovation added to the game. Phil Spears had a great jump shot in 1960 that would have given him about 5 to 10 a game and Leeton would have flown through the District and post season. Unfortunately there was no 3-pointer and they lost in the first game past Districts against Sweet Springs.

     The current team had one game where a record number of players scored 3-pointers---Nick Baker, Dylan Swabby, James Cavender, Wyatt Fleming, Alex Smith, Darius Cramer and Levi Manley. That was seven players making nine 3-pointers.

     Most consecutive 3-pointers made in a game was in the Leeton-LaMonte game in December when Dylan Swabby made four consecutive shots and again in the Appleton City-Leeton game when Darius Cramer did it.

     Most points scored in a quarter this year by a Leeton boys team was 37 in the December game in the Mid-State Tournament against Calhoun. Research is continuing to see if that is a record for a Leeton team.

     Most points scored at the free throw line in one quarter was set by this team. They made 11 in the fourth quarter against Crest Ridge in February for the Battle on the Hardwood Championship. Alex Smith 1, Nick Baker 2, Darius Cramer 2, James Cavender 2, Trevor Elwell 1, Wyatt Fleming 2. Earlier in the game Alex had made one as did Levi Manley. Dylan hit 3 free throws in the second quarter. That is a total for the game of 16 which may be a record too. More research will be needed to determine that.

     This team is the second to win all three regular season tournaments, the conference championship and the District Title. Congratulations Leeton Bulldogs and good luck in the games ahead.

Leeton Plays Drexel

     All of the District Tournaments are completed and those moving on to the State Tournament for the Boys Division are provided below with schedule.
Game 1 March 3 at Bloomfield HS at 6 pm Gideon (20-6) vs Advance (16-9)
Game 2 March 3 at Cabool HS at 6 pm South Iron (23-3) vs School of Ozarks (19-7)
Game 3 March 3 at Sturgeon HS at 6 pm Tuscumbia (19-8) vs Glasgow (23-5)
Gane 4 March 3 at Kirksville Primary at 6 pm Community (22-4) vs Meadville(28-0)
Game 5 March 3 at SW Bapt at 6 pm Walnut Grove (23-5) vs Macks Creek (19-7)
Game 6 March 3 at Grandview HS at 6 pm Drexel (14-13) vs Leeton (26-2)
Game 7 March 3 at Liberty HS at 6 pm Braymer 24-4 vs Winston (26-2)
Game 8 March 3 at St. Joseph Civic 6 pm Stanberry (26-2) vs North Andrew (21-6)
Game 9 March 7 at VanBuren HS at 1 pm Winners Games 1 & 2
Game 10 March 7 at Salisbury HS at 6 pm Winners Games 3 & 4
Game 11 March 7 at Clinton HS at 1 pm Winners Games 5 & 6
Game 12 March 7 at Bishop LeBlond HS 1 pm Winners Games 7 & 8
Game 13 March 12 at Mizzou Arena in Columbia 6:40 pm Winners Games 9 & 10
Game 14 March 12 at Mizzou Arena in Columbia 8:20 pm WinnersGames 11 & 12
Game 15 March 13 at Mizzou Arena 2:30 pm Losers Games 13 & 14 for 3rd Place
Game 16 March 14 at Mizzou Arena 2:40 pm Winners Games 13 & 14 for Championship

Otterville girls 43 Leeton 23

     The warmup notified the fans that Otterville could shoot. Several were stripping the net. It was also noted that Otterville was much taller. Despite that fact the Leeton Lady Bulldogs took to the court and with courage tackled the job before them. Scoring first they led for a while including at the end of the first quarter 6-5 with the game turning into a defensive battle. Leeton's girls did an outstanding job of keeping the tall girls from dominating the inside. They also did a great job of rebounding throughout the game.

     In the second quarter both teams started scoring and battling court for the ball. At half it was tied 14-14 and Leeton was to be commended on an excellent job. When they returned to the court for the second half Courtney Campbell hit a 3-pointer to get things started right. In the first half she had made five points. Unfortunately that was her last made shot and she finished with eight points.

     On the inside Stephanie Goodrich started hitting and continued throughout the game coming up with ten points. Jade Schnatz hit a 3 pointer and Hannah Harper a deuce while Kennedy Early get a free throw. That was the scoring for the night. What really killed them was in the third quarter and into the fourth quarter the team stopped scoring while Otterville went on a rampage and scored 16 unanswered points putting Otterville out of reach despite a late surge by the Lady Bulldogs. Final Score was 43 to 23. This is the last game for this year's girls basketball team. Check their accomplishments on another page in this paper.

     In other games LaMonte destroyed the Calhoun team winning 68-23. Kingsville was upset by Northwest Hughesville 55-32. Not a good night for the Mid-State Conference who saw five teams go down in defeat including Wentworth Military in another District Tournament.


     The Missouri Basketball Coaches Association Basketball Poll Number 10 was released last Wednesday. Class One rankings are:

     1 Meadville (28-0) defeated Newtown-Harris 81-24, Mercer 71-30 and Novinger 73-47 to win Dist. 12

     2 South Iron (23-3) defeated South Leopold 77-36, Zalma 84-51 and Eminence 47-13 to win District 3.

     3 Stanberry (26-2) defeated Northeast Nodaway 79-35,North Nodaway 55-41 and Jefferson 42-29 to win Dist. 15

     4 Winston (25-2) defeated Union Star 73-18, DeKalb 51-35 and Stewartsville 62-30 to win Dist. 14

     5 Leeton (26-2) defeated Calhoun 77-25, Otterville 64-42 and Green Ridge 61-51 to win Dist. 8

     6 Walnut Grove (22-5) defeated Sheldon 67-34, Dadeville 80-57, and Verona 82-52 to win Dist. 5

     7 Community (21-4) defeated Atlanta 66-29 Bevier 65-30 and North Shelby 54-44 to win Dist. 11

     8 Glasgow (22-4) defeated Malta Bend 79-29, Higbee 73-36 and Northwestern 60-43 to win Dist. 10

     9 Hardin Central (22-6) defeated (forfeit) Breckenridge, Southwest 55-23 and lost to Braymer 52-42 to be eliminated

     10 Braymer (23-4) defeated Wentworth 61-28, Norborne 64-60, Hardin-Central 52-42 to win Dist. 13


     Here are the scores for the District 8 being played in Northwest High School in Hughesville.
Leeton boys 77 Calhoun 58
Otterville boys 63 Kingsville 58
Green Ridge boys 60 Northwest 54
Chilhowee boys 64 LaMonte 33
LaMonte girls 68 Calhoun 23
Northwest girls 55 Kingsville 32
Otterville girls 43 Leeton 23
Green Ridge girls 52 Chilhowee 12
Leeton boys 64 Otterville 42
Green Ridge boys 60 Chilhowee 49
LaMonte 55 Northwest 52
Otterville 58 Green Ridge 49
6 pm Girls Division Championship
LaMonte (18-11) 49 Otterville (8-20)39
7:30 pm Boys Division Championship
Leeton (26-2) 61 Green Ridge (12-19) 51

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Leeton Boys 64 Otterville 42

     The Leeton High School Bulldogs Basketball Team met Otterville in the semi-final round Wednesday night in Northwest High School in Hughesville. The game was held an hour early due to talk of severe weather headed toward the mid-Missouri area. The games were well over before the temperatures dropped. The day had been in the 50's and sunny all day. A big crowd of Leeton supporters made the trip to Hughesville to cheer the Bulldogs to their 25th victory this year which sets a record for a Leeton boys team in number of wins in a season.

     The Leeton boys started off right with a 2 pointer from James "The Convincer" Cavender followed quickly by a steal of the ball by the Bulldogs and a 3-pointer by Dylan "Swoosh" Swabby. He followed that one with another 3-pointer after a 2 pointer was made by Otterville. The game was underway.

     Of concern for the Leeton team was Jake Neal, number 33 on the Otterville team, who had scored 31 points in their game against Kingsville. Leeton double teamed him most of the game and at moments had three guarding him. It worked. The high scoring player was reduced to only ten points on the night. Meanwhile the Bulldogs fought hard to get their offense going as the team missed 9 free throws in the game. How do you do that? Well, it doesn't hurt to have 3-pointers being made. Darius Cramer made one, James Cavender made four, and Dylan Swabby made two.

     In the first half Leeton battled hard to get control of the game. Scoring came from James Cavender with 7 points. He added another fourteen points in the second half for a total of 21 points for the night. Dylan Swabby scored ten points in the first half and came back the second half with another four. Wyatt "The Riot" Fleming made a lot of noise on the inside rattling the boards with four deuces for 8 points. Levi Manley was having trouble the first half but he shook it off and began pushing after faltering at the free throw line. He came back the second half with nine much needed points in the second half.

     There are many good things this team did but it is hard to list them all. Aaron Norush did a great job underneath scoring four points for the night and getting a number of important rebounds. Trevor "The Terror" Elwell did a tremendous job of guarding Jake Neal most of the night along with Alex Smith who scored six points when not chasing and pressuring players at the other end of the court. This was a good game as each player did their job and produced a nice lead of 30-19 at the half and extended it to 64-42 by the end of the game. The Bulldogs led by as many as 20 points in the 3rd quarter and maintained it through the final period.

     In the second game of the night Chilhowee took on Green Ridge in the other semi-final match. The Chilhowee team quickly realized that this Green Ridge team was not the same one they played February 5 defeating them 70 to 39. This Green Ridge team was ready to play and is out to get a District Championship. Green Ridge in their game on Monday night hit ELEVEN 3-pointers in the third quarter to sweep any hope Northwest had of winning out of the picture. Chilhowee also suffered as they saw several 3 pointers go in for the Tigers. The Indians fell behind 9-18 in the first quarter and trailed 17-34 at half. Hoping to battle back the second half they hit a 3 pointer of their own and a deuce and seemed to be coming to life. Unfortunately Green Ridge would hit a 3 pointer or make free throws. Chilhowee trimmed the 28 point lead down to ten three times in the final quarter but couldn't get any closer. They lost 60-49.

Leeton boys 77 Calhoun 25

     District 8 Boys and Girls Tournament started Monday night with the Leeton Bullldogs taking on the Calhoun Eagles in the first game. Leeton moved to a 25 point lead in the first two minutes and the starters settled in on the bench for most of the rest of the game. Leading the way were basically all the players in one way or another. Assists were common, steals constant and rebounds most often. Levi Manley managed to sink 8 deuces and ended up with a team leading 17 points on the night. Aaron Norush had five dueces and five free throws for 15 on the night. Dylan Swabby had two 3-pointers and four deuces for 14 points. Nick Baker had a 3-pointer and totaled 7 for the night. James Cavender had a 3-pointer and 5 points for the night. Ian Ginther had five points. Cody Claxton made four points. Darius Cramer had a 3-pointer. Wyatt Fleming had a free throw and deuce for 3. Trevor Elwell and Steven Haney each had 2 points on the night. Leeton will play on Wednesday at 6 pm at Northwest Hughesville against Otterville, who upset Kingsville in a very exciting game 63-58.

     In that game, Otterville's John Neal scored 31 points for his Otterville team on way to a victory over Kingsville. He was the leader of the team and included three 3-pointers in his artillery. #25, whose name was not in the program, scored ten points and did some excellent rebounding in the game. Garret Lynn dominated play in the early minutes and came away with 7 points for Otterville. Franklin Oswald scored 6, Haden Angel 4, and Daniel Bezlisyuk 2.

     In the closing 38 seconds of the game Kingsville had a chance to tie the game at 59 but missed the shot. Otterville then threw the ball away. Kingsville double dribbled and turned the ball back over to Otterville. Otterville went to the free throw line and made two shots extending their lead to three points. Kingsville missed their three point attempt and quickly fouled to get the ball back. Otterville made their two free throws and the game was theirs. They play Leeton Wednesday night at 6 pm.

     In the next game it was Green Ridge versus Northwest Hughesville in a game that was surprisingly close in the first quarter although Green Ridge started putting it together toward the end and held a 13-9 first quarter lead. In the second quarter Northwest began to unravel as Green Ridge sunk a host of 3-pointers from all over the place---eleven by five different players for 33 points. Northwest did not give up but battled hard and inched their way back into the game. In the final quarter they too had their moment with 3-pointers making five. After trailing 28-10 at half and 48-30 at the end of the 3rd quarter Northwest came within striking distance as the final seconds ticked away. Connor Dillon sank his free throws for Green Ridge and helped to hold on to their lead which had dropped to 3 points. Two players for Northwest fouled out in the final two minutes closing the game with a final score of Green Ridge 60 Northwest 54. Green Ridge will take on Chilhowee at 7:30 Wednesday night in the Semi-finals.

     Final game of the night was Chilhowee versus LaMonte. LaMonte battled hard and was staying with the fast paced Chilhowee Indians who didn't seem to be focused in the first quarter. Dakota Plemons made two 3-pointers in the first half and two more the second half to help keep the team rolling. At the end of the first quarter it was 12-7 in favor of Chilhowee. In the 2nd quarter they were called on to play harder by the coach and that they did moving the lead to 28-17 at half. In the second half the team began to roll and dominating everywhere pushing the score to an impressive 46-25 at the end of the 3rd quarter and a final score of 64-35.

Recognitions Made

     Between the girls and boys games those graduating this year who have participated in the band, cheerleading, and sports were recognized. Carnations and balloons were given to each of the graduating seniors as they were escorted onto the basketball court by their parents.

     Special trophies were presented to the basketball players for the outstanding year they have had this year.

     Nick Baker, son of Brian & Chris Kimzey, has been a member of the basketball team all four years of high school.

     Wyatt Bell, son of Jason & Rhonda Meyer and Rob Bell, has been a member of the basketball team all four years.

     Liam Buell, son of Claude & Felicity Buell, has been a member of the Marching Bulldog Band all four years.

     James Cavender, son of Jr. & Debbie Cavender, has been a member of the basketball team all four years.

     Mark Evans, son of Lori Dodson and Bob Evans, has been a member of the Marching Bulldog Band all four years.

     Wyatt Fleming, son of Thad & Kelly Fleming, has been a member of the basketball team all four years.

     Levi Manley, son of Royal & Marijayne Manley, has been a member of the basketball team all four years.

     Michaela McCormack, daughter of Robert and Dawnja McCormack, has been a member of the Marching Bulldog Band all four years and Lady Bulldogs basketball team one year.

     Taylor Prince, daughter of Dewayne and Paula Prince, has been a member of the Marching Bulldog Band four years, drum major senior year, colorguard 3 years and a member of the Lady Bulldog basketball team 2 years.

     Alex Smith, son of Dan & Jean Smith, has been a member of the basketball team all four years.

     Sierra Sullins, daughter of Robert & Susan Sullins, has been a Leeton Cheerleader for all four years.

     Dylan Swabby, son of Anthony & Sarah Tabor, has been a member of the basketball team for four years.

     Joy Wang, foreign exchange daughter of Jr. & Debbie Cavender, has been a member of the Lady Bulldogs this year.

     Alex Weiss, daughter of Diane Weiss, has been a member of the colorguard three years, the Marching Bulldog Band three years and cheerleader for one year.

Congratulations to Hirni

     Ellen Hirni completed her university study earning a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Missouri recently. She graduated at the winter break with a cumulative grade point average exceeding 3.5 which designates her as graduating “Cum Laude”. Congratulations on this achievement.

     Others from Leeton graduating from UCM are Cassandra Pauling with a Master's in Science and Shelby Stewart with a Bachelor of Science Degree.

     Making the Dean's List at Missouri State University in Springfield was Mallory Early.

Christian Church Parking Lot at 11:30 am

     The Harvester's Food Distribution is this Saturday at 11:30 in the Christian Church parking lot. Anyone needing food should come and get boxes and bags prepared by volunteers. There are no papers to fill out. Anyone needing food should come and line up on Summerfield east of the entrance to the Christian Church parking lot at 11:30.


     Wednesday the Leeton Senior Citizens met at the community building for their regular monthly meeting with John Cecilia and his band as the entertainment. The meal included fried chicken and all the trimmings. Members were encouraged to bring a side dish. Entertainment began at 11 am followed by the meal at 11:30, business meeting at 1 and playing cards the rest of the afternoon.

Food - Drink - Games
105 S. Main, Leeton, MO 64735
Tennie Seward, Owner

Annual Event

     The annual Community Blood Drive will be held at the Leeton R-X School on March 3 from 2 to 7 pm in the Willcockson Auditorium. Watch for additional details as the event draws near. Posters are displayed in area businesses.

History Trip for Students

     The Leeton R-X School will be taking a group of students to the Truman Library in Independence on March 4. The all day activity will provide an inside look at the state's only citizen to become president of the United States. President Truman is responsible for the phrase "The Buck Stops Here" and has a sign on his desk. This, along with many other items relating to Truman, will be on display.

Can you answer these questions from 1965?

     1.Who was editor of the Leeton High School yearbook in 1965?

     2.Who was sports editor of the school paper, the Leeton Flash?

     3.Who were the school bus drivers that year?

     4.Who was agriculture teacher that year?

     5.How many graduates in the Class of 1965?

     6.Who was the yearbook dedicated to?

     7.Who was president of the Senior Class that year?

     8. How many in marching band? Chorus? FFA? FHA?

     9.Who was president of the Student Council?

     10.Who were the cheerleaders?

     11.The Snow Ball was started that year and it was the first official dance sponsored by the school in its history. Who was crowned queen of the dance and who was her escort?

     12.Who was Homecoming Queen between candidates Martha Weide (freshman), Pat Webster (sophomore), Jeany Kearns (Junior) and Nancy Long (Senior)?

     13.Who was Queen and King of the FFA & FHA activity?

     14.Who made the Sophomore Pilgrimage to Jefferson City sponsored by the Leeton Study Club? Who went to Boy's State?

     15.What special privilege did the Leeton School Band get to do during the year that only one other school band got to do?

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Tournament March 16-21

     The Lion's Club annual Earl Lowry 5th and 6th Grade Basketball Tournament will be held in the Leeton school gymnasium March 16-21. The fundraiser helps to fund the summer recreation program provided by the Lion's each year. Plan now to attend the always enjoyable games as the areas 5th and 6th graders come together to show tomorrow's stars in action.

Sparks Sets It Up

     Thanks to the work of Dawnja McCormack the Leeton High School Alumni Association now has a page on Facebook. The purpose is to provide updates on the plans for the upcoming dinner and program June 14. Further the page provides a space to let people know news about the families of graduates. Check it out at Leeton High School Alumni Association on Facebook now.


19 - Windsor here for basketball games starting at 5 pm
23 – Lion's Club meeting
25 – Senior Citizens meeting
27 - Elementary Science Fair in Willcockson Auditorium
28 - Harvester's Food Distribution at Christin Church parking lot

117 S. Wasington, Clinton, MO 64735
Shawn McIntyre - 660-885-7088


     The house was a square four room one story affair, with a kitchen stuck on behind. The kitchen had an upstairs and a basement. We used the upstairs as a playroom. Its stairs went up the north side of the kitchen. There was a door outside at the stair door and a large cement patio.

     There was a window to the east, at the stairs, and the kitchen range stood beside it to the south. The south door of the kitchen went out onto a screened-in porch that ran the full length of the kitchen. The east end of the porch had a large hand pump. That well, and the springs that were back in the pasture, were the only year round water in our half of the county, except for the water tank at the railroad in town (that's why Martin Mohler had settled there, back in the early days---about 1860).

     The main part of the house had a living room next off the kitchen on the west. It had a bay window, with a window seat. The old hand ringing telephone was there hanging on the wall. Dad had his desk in the corner of the living room. There was no furnace, and we had a Warm Morning stove in the inside north wall of the living room, about the center of the house. That was all the heat in the house, except for the kitchen range.

     In the southwest corner of the main house was a parlor room. It faced the front of the house and had a door out on a full length front porch. It also had windows to the south and west. There was a door from the kitchen into the bedroom on the northeast corner of the main house. That was the boys' room. There was a door from that bedroom into the corner of the living room and another into the bedroom on the northwest corner of the house. There were windows out to the north and west. The bedroom in the northwest had a door onto the front porch with a window to the porch and another to the north.

     The roof sloped up all four sides to the center where the chimney was. East of the house was a garden. It sloped down to the barnyard lane and the big creek.

     North of it we had a strawberry patch and a grape arbor. North of the house and garden, going on west along the driveway was an orchard with several trees. I don't remember what kinds, but I know some were apples.

     There was a maple tree on the south side of the house and one out from the southwest corner of the house. We had a chain swing from a high limb on the one out front (a single chain down, with a cross stick in the end). The back screened porch opened onto a cement walk that went straight south to a gate in the picket fence. A similar walk went west from the front porch to another gate in the picket fence, but I don't remember anyone ever using it. The picket fence was only on the west and south. It stood on top of a cement wall which held the yard back from the driveway about 30 inches lower.

     The picket fence ended on the east, just beyond the gate, at an old outside building, the wood house. It had a big flap window on its south side, where we threw firewood in, when we sawed it. Just east of the wood house was an old hotbed (a buried cement rectangle which sloped, and could be covered with old window panes, it used the heating of rotted manure to allow early plants to be started in the spring). It was on the edge of the garden. There was a normal pasture fence around the garden. The chicken yard was across the drive from the back gate of the yard. There was a regular henhouse and west of it a brooder house. Most of our eating meat came from chickens we raised. The fence around the chicken yard went along the little creek as it swung around east into the big creek. (CONTINUED NEXT WEEK)

The Season Continues

     Here is the current schedule and scores:
23 – DISTRICTS at Northwest Hughesville

     Teams in district are Calhoun, Chilhowee, Green Ridge, Kingsville, LaMonte, Leeton, Northwest Hughesville and Otterville.

"Riding Away With Memories"
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     This recipe comes from Charlotte Arnold. Our thanks to her for providing it. I tried it and it was delicious. Enjoy.

     1 pound hamburger

     1 onion diced

     1 teaspoon salt

     1 teaspoon pepper

     2 sprigs celery

     3 or 4 carrots diced

     3 or 4 potatoes cut up

     1 8-ounce can tomato sauce

     Add just enough water to cover. Cook until done.I found this in a St. Paul's Lutheran Church cookbook celebrating their 50th anniversary(1928-1978).

By Joyce Riley

     We are all familiar with the passage from Matthew 28:19-20. It reads, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”

     Whenever men speak and say, “Lo, He is here” or “Lo, He is there” do not believe them for many shall come in His name and make many serious claims. Christ speaks this to us and it is good to remind each other of the need to strive to enter into and remain in a close and true relationship with Him.

     He is the one who rescues us from sin. He took man's shame and bore their punishment---yet they want to come out in their makeup and masked faces. They come claiming to know Christ when they don't even give to Him any undivided and devoted time and attention.

     Christ tells them that he desires them to come sit at his feet. He desires to be their dearest friend. He desires to hear them asking God to meet their every need. He desires to set their human relationships right. Unfortunately, these do not heed him. They hear him not so He cannot give them all that they desire to get and they continue on stumbling and halting in their own ways.

     Christ says they must be told and know that they cannot have access to God the Father nor to the throne room of His great grace and mercy except they come through Christ, the Son.

     Christ says that he is the door and only entry way to the Father. There is no other access—all else is false and defiled.

     It is written, “Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep. All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers; but the sheep did not hear them. I am the door; by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved and shall go in and out, and find pasture.

     “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy; I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

     “I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.

     “The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling and careth not for the sheep.

     “I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine. As the father knoweth Me, even so know I the Father; and I lay down my life for the sheep.” John 10:7-15.

     Take time for Jesus. He took time for you and gave everything He had and everything He was to save each sin sick soul. Hear today the pleading of His heart of love for you to accept Him and enter into life as it can be in Him.



     Services are being held every Sunday at the Harmony Church. Make plans now to participate in the services this Sunday.


     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: January 18 – Regular worship service and Sunday school will meet.


     Embassy of God House Church meets at the home of Tom & Shirley Buttram from 10am to 2 pm every Sunday, located on 13 highway, one half mile south of 2 highway. Lunch is served. This Sunday they continue their study of Ezekiel 36 as they learn more of God's character, His love for Israel, and His plan to have His Name exalted. Understanding the coming Millennium is enhanced by study of this chapter. Next Sunday, they will begin chapter 37. They are challenged each Sunday at understanding the coming days and His purpose for everyone through deep Bible study. All are welcome. For more information call 660=238=1078.


     “Today we were a littile down on numbers due to the cold weather. A lot of the older ones don't like to get out,” reported Pastor Chris Emerson. “The sermon title today was "To Whom We Return" based in Nehemiah 9.”

     Hymns were, "Stand Up and Bless the Lord", "O Worship the King", "Abide with Me", "Something for Thee", and "Lord, I'm Coming Home."

     Sunday night services started Sunday night despite the weather. Pastor Emerson is calling the activity as "Sunday Nights at 6". The service will be an interactive-sermon based--Bible study. The first night is an introduction to Deuteronomy followed by 8 weeks to finish the book.

     “The way things are going we will be done by July with various interruptions,” Emerson laughed. “Once Again, everyone is invited to this study. Our service times are Sundays at 10 am for Sunday school and 11 am for worship. All are welcome.”


     FIRT SUNDAY IN LENT: The services began with the singing of “Come Thou Almighty King” followed by the Call to Worship using the Scripture Psalm 25:1-10. After the reciting of the Apostles' Creed the congregation sang “The Spirit Song” and “The Doxology” in preparation for the sermon. The Centering Hymn was “Are Ye Able.”

     Rev. Harvey Beach presented a message entitled “Covenants” using the Scripture Mark 1:9-15 and Genesis 9:8-17. The Sending Hymn was “We'll Understand It Better By and By.”

     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Feb. 25 – Lenten Study at 7 pm, “Renegade Gospel”; March 5 – Methodist Men's meeting 7 pm; March 8 – Charles Todd's retirement party at Community Building; March 10 – Women's Outreach and Bible Study 7 pm; March 12 - Community Outreach Meal 6 pm; March 18 – Methodist Women meet at 1:30 pm; March 22 – Fellowship Lunch after church followed by Administrative Council meeting.


     Attendance was 91 for Sunday School and 98 for worship. Dr. Dan Lowry. “Timothy” of Leeton Christian Church, presided over the Sunday school lesson using the 4th chapter of James. Mataya Lowry led songs with Melinda Fitzgerel at the piano. Leon Moore had the opening prayer.

     The Praise Band led the worship song service. Greeter was Jeany McGowen; Scripture and prayer by Tim Reynold; communion meditation Tim Lowry; offering prayer Tim Dorman; final prayer Charlie Fitzgerel. Sermon presented by Dan Lowry was taken from II Samuel.

     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Feb. 28 – Men's Prayer Breakfast 8 am in church basement; March 1 – Church Leadership Meeting 8 am.

Information Taken from 1965

1. 1.Judy (Bancroft) Shumate who lives in Warrensburg now.

2. Philip Harris

3. Jim Thompson, Gene Willcockson, Richard Jones, Elmer Paxton and Forrest Wyatt

4. Rudy Davidson who later left to go to Archie.

5. Thirteen completed the required work and passed their classes.

6. Larry Williams, class member, who was killed in a car accident that fall.

7. Nancy Long

8. Band 23; Chorus 34; FFA 27; FHA 33.

9. Leland Kimzey

10. Patty Mudd, Mary McAllister, Judy Bancroft, Charla Cowan, DeeLinda DesCombes and Mildred Webster. Pep Club had 39 members while the “L” Club had 12.

11. Mary (McAllister) Varner with escort Jack Cronhardt

12. Martha Weide was queen. Her escort was Dennis Jones

13. Phil Harris and Carole Shaeffer

14. Linda Long and Jack Cronhardt

15. The band was one of two bands which played for the ground breaking ceremony for Kaysinger Dam. The climax of the day was the dynamiting of the Kaysinger Bluff.

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