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Wednesday, November 19 at 11 am

     The Senior Citizens organization will meet at the Leeton Community Building Wednesday, November 19 at 11 am for a program and delicious Thanksgiving meal. Entertainment will be provided by the LHS award winning band followed by turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy. It should be a great day of celebration. Plan now to attend.

Opens Friday, Nov. 21

     The Leeton Museum opens a special Nativity Scene provided by Carol Beck at 1 pm on Friday, Nov. 21. The display will be available for viewing through Christmas. As the month progresses more special Christmas displays will be set up. Plan to come now.

Saturday, November 22 at 11:30 am

     Harvester's Food Distribution is at 11:30 am at the Christian Church parking lot. Those needing food should be in line by 11:30 east on Summerfield to receive boxes and bags of food.

Sunday, November 23 at 6:30 pm

     Speaker at the Community Thanksgiving Service this year is Dr. Dan Lowry of the Christian Church. The service will be held at the Leeton Methodist Church at 6:30 pm on Sunday, November 23. All are encouraged to attend this annual event.

Monday, November 24 at 5:30 pm

     The LHS Basketball Season begins Monday night when the Montrose Bluejays come to the Leeton gymnasium. The first game begins at 5:30. Fill the gymnasium with cheering fans.

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Tuesday, November 25

     The annual Grandparents Day held at the school will be this Tuesday, Nov. 25. parents and grandparents will be able to visit the classrooms of their children and to attend a special assembly displaying talents of the young people. A noon meal is planned for all in attendance.

All Week

     The Leeton R-X School library is hosting a book fair this week. Books will be available for purchase at the library. This is a great opportunity to find interesting books to give to grandchildren at Christmas. Encourage your children to read by giving a book.

Order Now

     The Mineral Creek Historical Society's new book to be released in time for Christmas is a presentation on the ways transportation has changed over the years since before Leeton was a town.

     Included in the book are photographs and information on blacksmiths, gas stations, first cars to come to Leeton and the evolving of transportation from riding horses to wagons to cars. Even pictures of the first hot air balloon in Leeton is included.

     The book is written by Bob Wyatt and will be over 100 pages in length. The cost is $15 each. If mailed for delivery add $5. Order at Leeton Museum, 400 N. Main, Leeton, MO 64761 and make check to Leeton Museum.

3 LHS Named

     Named to the All-District Softball First Team from Leeton were Bailee Manley, Sami Ellis and Sierra Sullins. Congratulations to all of these and to the whole team on a great season.


     Harry Parks “Punkin'” Barber, 92 of Windsor, Missouri, passed away on October 22, 2014 at St. Luke's Hospital in Lee's Summit, Missouri. He was the husband of LHS graduate Judy Fewel, a granddaughter of Leeton founder Henry Fewel.

     Punk was a veteran of World War II and his story is an inspirational one which will be shared here.

     Punk, as he was known by his friends, was born February 23, 1922, in Windsor, Missouri. His mother said when she saw he was born orange, “Look at my baby pumpkin!” which stuck over the years in the shortened nickname of “Punk”.

     He was a graduate of Windsor High School and attended the University of Missouri before enlisting in the United States Air Force. He served his country in the 449th Battalion as a B-24 gunner during World War II where he survived a plane crash over Holland.

     When the plane was hit it was apparent they were needing to parachute out of the plane. The crew voted to remain in the plane rather than be picked off by gunfire from the enemy soldiers below them. The plane crashed and remarkably they all survived. They were eventually captured and placed in a prison camp where they stayed for eleven months.

     Food there consisted of a potato and water morning and night. The experience was a terrible one which got worse when the prisoners were forced to march some 600 miles into Poland. That march is now remembered as the Death March.

     Many died during that march. Some fell from weakness and were shot by the soldiers. Others sprained ankles and were left to die.

     Punk sprained his ankle and had fallen unable to walk further. A German soldier came to him and poked him with the rifle. Punk pointed to his ankle and despite trying to get up was unable to do so.

     Punk said, “I don't know if you can understand me but I'll pay you $10,000 if you can get me out of here. I don't have it but I'll earn it and send it to you.”

     The soldier replied in perfect English, “I'll pay you $10,000 if you can get me back to Chicago. I was visiting family over here when they issued me orders to serve in the German army and haven't been able to get away.”

     The German soldier lifted Punk up and carried him to the truck where the food was stored and got him hidden. When they arrived at their destination he moved Punk to where he was to go. By morning Punk's ankle had recovered enough that he was able to walk and made it to the final destination. He knows he would have been killed had it not been for that American in the German uniform.

     Upon his return to Windsor he met the Leeton girl that became his wife, Judy Fewel. They were married 68 years and are survived by a son Kent and wife Lainey Barber, and a daughter Kay and husband Mike Parris; a granddaughter Jill and her husband Gary Wiese; grandson David and his wife Tracy Taylor and grandson John Barber; and great grandchildren Cooper, Olivia, Blake and Bennett as well as countless friends.

     A memorial service was held November 14 at the Windsor Methodist Church and extended service at the Country Club where a Whiteman Air Force Base “fly over” was held saluting their fellow Air Force Veteran. A bugle salute, flag presentation and 21 gun salute ended the service.

     Music was provided by Trendon Scott and Drew Beeman singing “I'll Fly Away,” “The Cowboy Rides Again,” and “Silver Wings.” Officiating was Pastor “Pete” Hill.

Questions this week are about the surrounding area and its history. Can you answer them?

     1. What is the name of the creek that runs under the bridge on the north side of the cemetery?

     2. Who started the Mineral Creek Cemetery?

     3. What was the first church built in Leeton?

     4. Where was the Leeton Jail located during earlier years?

     5. What business was located where the Grinstead Memorial Park is now situated?

     6. Was there ever an airport in Leeton?

     7. Did Leeton ever have a hospital or pharmacy?

     8. The Leeton Mercantile was an early business and was operated by a number of different people over the years. It was a huge general store. Who owned general stores across Illinois, Missouri and Kansas and were headquartered here?

     9. The ordinances of the town were adopted in what year?

     10. Did Leeton ever have a factory?

     The answers are found elsewhere in the paper. How did you do?

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Monday, November 24 at 7 pm

     The West Central Genealogy Society and Library will meet Monday evening, November 24, at the Church of Christ, 722 S. Maguire Street in Warrensburg. Social time with refreshments is at 7 pm followed by the program at 7:30. The program will be “Show and Tell.” Those present are asked to bring an item from their family memorabilia and to give a short historical account of its history. Or, “Show and Ask” what is this thing I've inherited?

     “Come, join the fun of sharing those old and useful things from the past”, encouraged program chairmen, Fran and Albert Billings. A business meeting will follow at 8:30 pm.

Going On Display This Weekend

     New item donated to the Leeton Museum this week included a $10 Confederate Note dated 1864. It is a nice addition to the Civil War display. The museum already has 3 authentic Confederate stamps.

     Shirley Lowry donated two dresses she found in a trunk that were made by her mother-in-law Edith Seuell. One was worn at a special ceremony of the Eastern Star and the other was a banquet dress from the 1940's. These are nice additions to the clothes collection at the Leeton Museum. Thanks to Shirley for thinking about the museum when deciding what to do with them.

Lowell and Shirley Schmidli

     Lowell and Shirley Schmidli of south of Leeton celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary Sunday, November 16, with a reception in the Leeton Community Building from 2 to 4 pm. Friends and family filled the place to help them make the occasion a special event. Congratulations to both of them on this great moment in their lives.

Former Leeton Resident

     Barbra Combs, former Leeton resident, now living in Clinton has been active in a number of organizations. She does volunteer work at the hospital and this past week hosted the Udolpha Miller Dorman Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Sharing duties with her were Sandra Nadler and Judy Neibarger.

     The program included Matt Daugherty who made a presentation on the Lifeflight Eagle. He was pleased to find that some 50 of the DAR are members of the Lifeflight Eagle team.

     Former Leeton residents Mildred Bailey and Barbara Lauderdale were sworn in as new members of the Udolpha Milller Dorman Chapter of the DAR during the afternoon events.

Held at Christian Church

     Fourteen were present for the Christian Men's Prayer Breakfast last Saturday morning at 8 am with Linda Moore cooking a delicious breakfast of waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage and potatoes to start the Bible Study.

     The group discussed the act of witnessing and how important it is for a church to continue to reach out to those around with the message of Christ. Dan Lowry was the teacher.

Gas Drops to $2.50

     There was a Thanksgiving gift at the gas pump last week as prices continued to decrease. Since August the cost has dropped a dollar. This past week prices were lowered to a surprising $2.52 a gallon. Several families are considering traveling to relatives farther away due to the reduced cost of travel. Whatever your plans be sure to drive safe and watch out for weather problems.

Sponsored by Methodist Church

     The Leeton United Methodist Church sponsored a Deer Hunters Breakfast and Dinner Saturday serving from 4 am to 7 pm with a good turnout. The first hour of the project there were many hunters that were there lined up to have a good hot breakfast of biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs and delicious cinnamon rolls before heading to the woods.

     A little later a second wave of customers filled the dining hall getting a good breakfast at a more normal hour for the first meal of the day. At 10 am the place was packed and overflowing with people warming up from being outside all morning.

     Several returned for a second meal along with new customers as the day continued. At noon the menu changed to ham and beans, chili, and a very good potato soup as the main courses.

     Rev. Harvey Beach reported they had a good day and were happy to provide the service to the hunters and many town people who joined in. He also reported that only one reported getting a deer by noon though most said they were seeing a lot of them.

"Riding Away With Memories"
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John Meyer - 660-422-7177 - Helen Meyer

Much Work Accomplished

     Saturday, November 8, a group of Mineral Creek Historical Society members gathered at the local museum to do several projects. Board member Christine (Teter) Hughes of Blue Springs oversaw the measuring, cleaning, folding, photographing and filling out information on all of the quilts and dresses in the museum. Many of the more valuable and fragile textiles are being wrapped in acid free tissue and placed in acid free boxes to preserve them for future generations.

     Helping her were Judy (Bancroft) Shumate of Warrensburg, Betty Lynn (Shepherd)Ward of Pleasant Hill, and Bob Wyatt, curator of the local museum. Judy will be storing the quilts and the older dresses at her house until the museum completes the installation of the new heating system.

     There were over thirty quilts measured and nearly one hundred articles of clothing. The dresses were divided into the wedding dress collection, banquet/prom dresses, everyday dresses, furs/coats, men's clothing and uniforms.

     Board member Mike Myers of Leeton oversaw the removal of the old furnaces in the basement with help from Marilyn (Bancroft) Warrensburg, Don Ward of Pleasant Hill and Rob Myers of Leeton.

     The walls of the furnace room had been removed by the youth group from the Christian Church enabling the crew to remove the furnace.

     The group also loaded the furnaces and hauled them to a place which buys scrap metal. The money will be added to the money designated for installing the new furnace.

     The group also moved several items to the unattached garage at Bob Wyatt's for an upcoming auction. If anyone would like to put a bid in there are two antique doors, an air conditioner, and eight church pews. All money from the sale will be used in the upcoming installation of the heating/cooling system.

     Work went on all day and the museum is finally getting some urgent things taken care of for the winter months ahead.


     HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Cole and Katelyn Adams as they celebrate November 22.

     HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Buzz and Pat Clear on their anniversary November 20.

     HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Melinda Fitzgerel on her birthday November 19.

     HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to David and Diana Fleming on their wedding anniversary November 23.

     HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jacque Harris on her birthday November 27.

     HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Debbie Lake on her birthday November 26.

     HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nora Page on her birthday November 20.

     HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Paul Price on his birthday November 24.


Nov. 19 – Library Book Fair continues

     Nov. 19 – Senior Citizens meet

     Nov. 20 – Board of Education meeting

     Nov. 21-Dec. 30 – Nativity Display at Leeton Museum

     Nov. 22 – Pre-Basketball Season Scrimmage 1 pm

     Nov. 22 – Mini Cheer Camp

     Nov. 22 – Harvester's Food Distribution 11:30

     Nov. 23 – Leeton Community Thanksgiving Service at United Methodist Church

     Nov. 24 – LHS Basketball hosts Montrose 5:30 pm

     Nov. 25 – Grandparents Day at Leeton R-X

     Nov. 25 – LHS Basketball hosts Stover 5:30 pm

     Nov. 26-Dec. 1 – No School

     Dec. 1 – City Council meeting 7 pm

     Dec. 1 – LHS Basketball hosts Green Ridge 5 pm

     Dec. 1-12 FFA Food Drive

     Dec. 5 – LHS Basketball at Sweet Springs

     Dec. 6 – Women of Faith meeting at 8:30 am

     Dec. 7 – Show Me Home Christmas program presented at Christian Church

     Dec. 8 – Lion's Club meeting

     Dec. 8 – Mid State Conference Tourney

     Dec. 10 – Mineral Creek 4-H Club meets

     Dec. 15 – Holiday Music Concert (K-5th grade)

     Dec. 16 – LHS Basketball at LaMonte

     Dec. 17 – Holiday Music Concert (6th-12th grade)

     Dec. 17 – Senior Citizens meeting 11 am

     Dec. 18 – Board of Education meeting

     Dec. 18 – LHS Basketball hosts Wellington

     Dec. 22 – School out for Holiday break


     The Mid-State Conference should be a bit more exciting this year with some pretty good teams scheduled to compete. The conference teams are Calhoun, Chilhowee, Kansas City Lutheran, Kingsville, Lamonte, Leeton, and Wentworth Military Academy.

     A quick glance down the Leeton schedule shows they are taking on the best you can find in the area with a host of 2A schools. Good luck teams. We will be there to cheer you to victory.
Nov. 22 Pre-Season Scrimmage 1 pm
Nov. 24 Montrose here
Nov. 25 Stover here
Dec. 1 Green Ridge here
Dec. 5 At Sweet Springs
Dec. 8-13 Mid-State Conference Tourney
Dec. 16 At Lamonte
Dec. 18 Wellington here
Jan. 6 At Cass-Midway
Jan. 12-17 Lakeland Tourney
Jan. 20 At Calhoun
Jan. 22 At Otterville
Jan. 23 Bunceton here
Jan. 26-31 Battle of Hardwoods here
Feb. 3 Wentworth here
Feb. 5 Concordia here
Feb. 6 Kingsville here
Feb. 9 Sweet Springs here
Feb. 10 At Chilhowee
Feb. 13 At Appleton City
Feb. 16 Windsor here

All District Selections

     Seven Leeton High School music students competed at the All-District Band auditions with three making the list. Heather Stone made 11th chair clarinet in the Honorable Mention Band; Michaela McCormack is 1st alternate Baritone Saxophone for Honorable Mention Band; and Sammi Ellis is 2nd alternate trumpet for Honorable Mention Band.

     The band participated in the All-Conference Band at LaMonte last weekend.

Do you remember 1983?

     1. Mineral Creek was named “mineral” because of the mineral content of the water.

     2. Church of the Brethren in 1869 founded the cemetery and later donated it to the city when they moved their building to town in 1913. The church building had been located at the road northeast of the cemetery.

     3. The United Methodist Church was established in 1895.

     4. The jail was located halfway down the alley east of the community building. Part of the bars, thick glass and the original lock including key are on display in the Leeton Museum.

     5. There was a two story hotel built there. It had the name Bradley Hotel at one point and the Morrow House at another time. The museum has the register book of the hotel in the 1920's which shows that visitors came from long distances to stay there. Two families were from Hawaii. The lot was cleared and made into a park by Dr. Noel Grinstead in memory of his father, J. Ranson Grinstead, one of the founders of the town. The Lion's Club built the first shelter house.

     6. During the 1920's there were planes that would land in a field near Leeton and give rides to those who were willing to pay during the annual Leeton Fair. In 1909 there was a hot air balloon that gave rides. Some photographs were taken from the balloon that caused much discussion in later years when people were not aware of the hot air balloon being at the fair.

     7. There were many doctors over the years including Dr. Ewing, Dr. Ward, Dr. Wall, Dr. Pare etc. The closest thing to a hospital was the office connected to the post office which was the clinic for Dr. Don Frein during the 1960's. There were several pharmacies in Leeton. Dr. Robert Wall located at 105 N. Main had an office and pharmacy that was accessed from the south small porch. Dr. Pare had a pharmacy in his building. The most well known was Koons Drug Store. Dr. Koon provided free books to families to encourage reading. School textbooks were purchased at his store. At the museum are ice cream wrappers which were used like coupons to get prices reduced on the textbooks. There are also several examples of prescribed bottles from a variety of Leeton doctors.

     8. The Niel family made Leeton their home although the sons of the main family were spread all over the three states overseeing their stores. Locally were Miss Mamie and Miss Allie who lived in the Neil house until they died. It was located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Fewel and Nickerson.

     9. The ordinances were adopted in 1909.

     10. Yes, there have been many factories over the years. In early years there was a factory that specialized in encouraging new inventions. It developed improvements for the car, the railroad and farm equipment. In the 1950's there was an insulation plant operated by the Schroff's; 1960's the Majestic Window Factory; 1980's CD Cabinets and later yard windmills; 2010's communion cups and shot glasses where Paul's Feed and Seed was located.

117 S. Wasington, Clinton, MO 64735
Shawn McIntyre - 660-885-7088 - Jerry McIntyre


     I found this interesting 1917 Deviled Eggs Recipe in a book recently and thought you might enjoy.

     1/4 cup flour

     1/4 cup sugar

     1/2 cup sweet milk

     1/2 teaspoon dry mustard

     dash of salt

     1 egg, beaten

     4-5 hard boiled eggs

     Peel hard boiled eggs and slice lengthwise. Cook first 5 ingredients in double boiler until thickened and mix in beaten egg. Mix with mashed yolks and pile in hard boiled egg whites.

Big Balloon

     Leneher Street in Leeton is being watched over by Kansas City Chiefs fans as this huge blowup of a Chief is anchored down in one yard. The area is also beginning to shows signs of the approaching holiday of Christmas with several candy canes surrounding the house.

"Be as Independent as Health Allows"
400 Care Center Drive, Warrensburg, MO

By Mary Bond

     My first exposure to ethnicity was in college days. In those days it was an old established neighborhood known as Little Italy. St. John and Independence Boulevard had what was known as string street developments of a variety of businesses, bakeries, markets etc.

     Budd Park and Concourse Park with their fountains were popular as was the Kansas City Museum which had been the home of Lula Long.

     The residential area branched out from there. Two areas were Van Brunt Street and Gladstone Boulevard with their large beautiful homes. These were always good areas to see the Christmas lights and in other times of the years to just go walking.

     All of the churches were known for their Italian dinners. It was a tight knit community. People were very family oriented and fathers were the patriarchs.

     I was privileged to attend some Italian weddings. They were all day, formal affairs followed by dinners and dances. The weddings themselves were never simple.

     One evening during college there was a Mexican Celebration at Crown Center. My square dance group danced several times among the fountains of Crown Center.

     Later I moved to Topeka, Kansas. The Oakland area was home to a large Mexican population and the center of the Guadalupe Church. Each summer they produced a huge Mexican Fiesta lasting several days.

     There was wonderful Mexican food made by the ladies of the church. They had tables in the parking lot and served food out the church windows. There was a carnival in the street. Each evening there was a wonderful pageant with Mariachi bands, folk dancers and on Saturday night there would be a parade.

     About February the Jewish community would spend a Sunday at the fairgrounds. There would be displays of Jewish culture as well as Jewish food including matzo balls and soup. Chicken soup came to be known as Jewish Penicillin because that's what Jewish mothers fed their children if sick. There would be displayed their Dreidel, Menorahs, Yamakas and Torah.

     Another group prominent in central Kansas were the Swedish, especially around the community of Lindsborg. The entire community was settled by Swedish. It is the home of Bethany College. The downtown is filled with Swedish businesses, restaurants, inns and the ever present Dalecarlian horses.

     In the spring Bethany College presents the “Messiah.” In June they celebrate “Midsummer Fest” and every other fall “Jvensk Hyllningfest.”

     There is a park with Smokey Hills Mill and a recreated village. The day I was there they had folk dancers from Sweden. I totally embarrassed my mother by getting up and dancing with them on an audience participation number.

     Christmas is heralded in on December 6---”St. Lucia Day.” Young girls bring breakfast to parents in bed wearing lighted candles on their heads. A highlight of meals is a dried fish known as Lutefish.

     In the spring Pella, Iowa, hosts the tulip festival. There is a parade of floats, street sweepers, folk dancers in wooden shoes and cheese carriers. Pella was founded by Dutch people seeking religious freedom under direction of Rev. Hendrick Pieter Scholte. Today during tulip fest they celebrate all things Dutch including food, costumes, windmills, delft, wooden shoes and a glockenspiel.

     When I did this trip the tulips were beautiful the first day, but there was a terrible storm that night with rain, hail and tornado activity. The tulips took a beating. We said we saw the tulip fest the first day and the storm fest the second.

     Topeka is likewise developing trends toward a tulip fest now starting with Binkley Gardens, Gage Park and other areas of the city. Our own Cole Camp and Concordia celebrate their German heritage with food, dancing, costumes and wonderful festivals.

     May you find cultural diversity in your own communities. It adds a new dimension to your world.



     THE BREAD OF LIFE: The Church in the House meets Sundays in the home of Tom Buttram (formerly Fiorella's west of the curve on highway 13 south of the junction). Services begin at 10 am and last all day including a noon meal. The public is invited.


     SHARING THE MESSAGE OF CHRIST: The Harmony Baptist Church continues their youth services Sunday nights and regular services including Sunday School at 9:30 Sundays and Worship at 10:30.


     HUGHES BACK FROM VIETNAM: The congregation received word that Pastor Michael Hughes and family are back from their mission work in Vietnam. The Hughes served the local congregation for a few years. Since that time they have been serving as missionaries.

     A group of Leeton Baptist members went to Clinton to hear him speak and to share in a carry in dinner in honor of the family.

     Chris Emerson's message at the Leeton Baptist Church Sunday was “Is It Really Worth It?” using Hebrews 12:1-8.


     UMC HOSTS COMMUNITY SERVICE: The congregation is hosting the Leeton Community Thanksgiving Service this Sunday evening at 6:30 pm. Speaker is Dr. Dan Lowry. Each of the congregations will provide special music and all ministers participate in the service.

     Sunday's guest speaker was Rick McElhaney who gave the message. Scriptures of the day were Ephesians 4:4-5 and Psalm 117. Closing hymn was “How Great Thou Art.”

     Congregation had a dinner as a part of Pastor Appreciation Sunday following the services.

     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Nov. 16 – Pastor Appreciation Sunday with lunch after services; Nov. 16 – Charge Conference at Windsor Methodist 3 pm; Nov. 19 - Methodist Women at 1:30 pm; Nov. 23 – Host Community Thanksgiving Service at 6:30 pm; Nov. 29 – Hanging of the Greens 6 pm; Dec. 9 – Women's Outreach Meeting 7 pm; Dec. 11 – Women's Outreach Dinner 6 pm; Dec. 21 – Christmas caroling and soup supper 5 pm; Dec. 24 – Christmas Eve service 10 pm.


     SHOW ME HOME HERE DEC. 7: The adult class study of II Corinthians continued with chapter 9 under the leadership of Dr. Dan Lowry. Songleaders for Sunday School were Katrina Fleming and Cheyenne Underwood. Opening prayer was given by Dan Lowry.

     For worship: greeter was Bob Wyatt; nursery worker was Melissa Keller; Scripture and prayer by Charlie Fitzgerel; communion meditation by Paul Adams; offering prayer by Tim Lowry; benediction and prayer requests by Charlie Fitzgerel; songleader was Mataya Lowry.

     Specials in music included Jeany McGowen playing a piano solo during the communion and a duet of Jeany and Ron McGowen (violin) for offering. The Sermon by Dr. Lowry was entitled “Overcoming Fear of Witnessing” using John 7:10-13.

     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Nov. 16 – Youth Group at 6:30 pm; Nov. 19 – Mid-week Bible Study 6:30 pm; Nov. 22 – Harvester's food distribution at 11:30 in parking lot; Nov. 23 – Leeton Community Thanksgiving Service at 6:30 pm at the Leeton Methodist Church; Nov. 26 – Mid-Week Bible Study; Dec. 6 – Women of Faith at 8:30 am; Dec. 7 – Show Me Youth Home Christmas Program performed here during worship hour with basket dinner to follow; Dec. 21 – Leeton Christian Christmas Program during worship service.

     Women of Faith at the Christian Church are preparing care packages for the service men in the congregation.


     COLD WEATHER BUT WARM HERE: The High Point Baptist is ministered to by Pastor Cliff Dudley. Services are Sunday school at 9:45 and worship at 10:45 am. The congregation had 32 Sunday in attendance.

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