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Perform May 2-3

     CORRECTION FROM THE LEETON TIMES: Director Cherie Tibbetts informs me that the dinner/theater has been moved to May 2-3. The play is “Tea and Arsenic” by Craig Sodaro. Friday night the dinner will consist of lasagna, garlic bread, salad and a homemade dessert. Tickets are $10 for adults, $6.00 for children 8 and under. The play only will run Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. Friday night people should be present by 6 pm for the dinner.

     Students in the play are: Bailee Manley, Shannon Binder, Alexandria Weiss, Aleesa Weiss, Blade Smith, Kayla Fox, Madeline Scrivener, Whitney French, Sidney Miles, Chris Hirni and Ian Ginther.


     In the April election for city council voting was brisk for a small town. In the evening hours on Tuesday, April 8, the votes were tabulated and the winners announced. Here is the result with an * beside the winners.
*Loretta Burford 33
John Thomas 27

*Steve Binder 33
Jerry McAllister 30

*Chris Emerson 173
*Terry Scrivener 160
John Beck 114
*Jake Corson 153
Robert Wilson 124

Two directors were elected for a term of three years.
*Cheryl Early 27
*Monica L. Winders 33
Steve Ritter 21

One director was elected to a term on the Western Missouri Medical Board of Trustees
*Stephanie Long 2049
Rita White 1209
Gerianne Bliss 1091
Norman Wilcher 761

April 26 at 11:30 am

     The monthly distribution of food by Harvesters will be April 26 at 11:30 in the Leeton Christian Church parking lot. Volunteers will be helping to unload the Harvesters Truck and then bagging or placing in boxes to quickly place in the back of cars as the many people drive through for the free food.

      If you are in need of food this month don't hesitate to come and accept the gift from Harvesters. There are no requirements or paperwork.

April 12

     Heather Shouten is a senior music major at the University of Central Missouri where she plays violin and piano and sings. She and her family were in a horrible accident that left her a paraplegic. Not allowing the devastation to stop her life she turned to sharing her faith in concerts with the help of a number of friends. “Heather and Her Friends” performed at the Leeton Baptist Church Sunday evening at 6:30 pm to a good crowd who expressed they were inspired by the young lady and the singing provided.

April 19

     Alvin and Betty Crooks will be honored by their children at a reception in the Leeton Community Building on April 19, Saturday, from 2 to 5 pm on the occasion of their 50th Wedding Anniversary. The public is invited to share in this celebration.

     Those honoring the happy couple are: Doug and Susan Crooks, Taylor and Jordan of Leeton; Cheryl and Howard Early, Brittany and her husband Cohen Kelsey (Novinger, MO), Mallory, Kennedy and Chezney Early of Leeton; Emily and Steve Gruenert, Jennifer and her husband Adam Fox and children Avrie and Tyler (Warrensburg), Mackenzi and Madison Gruenert of Terre Haute, IN; Fonda and Tim Williams, Lizzy and Kendall of Blue Springs; Greg and Aubrei Crooks and Sloane of Warrensburg.

Saturday, April 19

     Leeton's Community Betterment Committee is in the process of preparing for their annual Easter Egg Hunt April 19 in the Leeton Grinstead Memorial Park. Many prizes and treats will be provided for the Leeton youth who attend this special event. Plan now to take your children to the park and share in the fun.

April 20 at 6:30am in Methodist Church

     The annual Community Sunrise Easter Service will be held at the Methodist Church at 6:30 am on April 20. Plans are being made by the community committee which will include participation by all the ministers, specials from each congregation and a wonderful opportunity to worship together as a community. Plan now to attend.

Open 9 to 4

     Poverty Bob's will be open starting Friday, April 11 from 9 am to 4 pm except for Sunday. The two week long garage sale will end with an auction to sell all remaining items. Plan now to examine the many things on sale now at 403 N. Main, Leeton, Missouri. There are 250 pieces of Depression Glass, some tools, lumber, and a host of other things that will catch your eye.

On Nickerson Street

     Friday fire trucks rushed through Leeton to a house in the 100 North Nickerson block where fire was threatening a home. The firemen were quick to take charge and saved the structure. The house is owned by Gary Adams, but the Joshua Muller family was living there. Damage was kept to a minimum.

Monthly Meeting

     Every first Wednesday at 1 pm people are invited to meet at 404 N. Main (garage entrance without steps) to help with various projects. This past week the group began listing all the businesses that have operated in Leeton through the years. Some of the names were obtained by looking in high school yearbooks, fair books, fundraiser cookbooks and old newspapers where advertisements are shown.

     The group was surprised at the number of businesses they had forgotten. Some had never heard of part of the businesses. More help is needed to make sure all businesses are included as the search continues to remember them all.

     This information is being placed in notebooks with available photographs and souvenir items. If you have pictures of businesses in Leeton please contact the museum and allow them to make copies to include in the scrapbook on businesses.

     The museum continues to be closed temporarily while some work is being done on the conference room. Anyone wanting to help restore the room after water damage from a leak please contact Bob Wyatt at 660-238-6156.

     Consider spending one afternoon a month at the museum working on the many projects. “Memories came back as each person finds a business name they can connect with,” reported curator Bob Wyatt.

     Do you remember the following businesses and where they were located? The Leeton Clipper, J & B Garage, Cedar Inn, Krewson's Store, Nadine's Western Wear, Mac's Small Engine Repair? Do you remember anything about them? Who was their owner or manager? Come have some fun with the volunteers every first Wednesday of the month.

Green Ridge Edges Leeton Girls

     The Leeton girls softball team battled back after trailing early to tie the game against Green Ridge last week. The Lady Tigers were not ready to give up as they bombed the Leeton team with five runs in the extra inning game. Leeton lost 10-5. Their game against Crest Ridge was rained out.

Grandparents Graduated from Leeton

     Makayla Swigert of Windsor is ranked #1 in the Missouri Valley District in swimming for the 11-12 year old age group. She swims for the Heart of American Swim Club and recently competed in the Short Course Swim Championships in Topeka, Kansas. In the competition she walked away with numerous medals winning 1st in the 200 IM, 100 Free, 100 IM, 50 Free Style and 100 Butterfly. She also took 2nd in the 50 Butterfly and 200 Free. Rounding out her competition she took a 3rd in 500 Free and 4th in 100 Back Stroke.

     Makayla is the daughter of Scott Swigert who is her coach. She is a granddaughter of Leeton High School graduates Jack and Thelma (Paxton) Swigert of Windsor.

Museum Construction Underway

     Each week there are new things that come to the Leeton Museum. Unfortunately the museum is temporarily closed due to some work being done in the conference room. Water damage has once again struck that part of the building. There is a pesky leak that keeps trailing down rafters and coming in the center of the western end of the room in the ceiling. This has been repaired four times now and still the leak has not been located for sure. There have been several who have attempted to find the leak but to no avail. The materials in that room have been placed in safe locations and plastic hung around areas to prevent moisture from getting to them. If you want to help locate the leak or help in repairing the ceiling please volunteer by contacting Bob Wyatt 660-238-6156.

Winter Sports Awards

     The Winter Sports Awards were presented last week including the announcement that Dylan Swabby was named to the All-State list for 1A Schools. Congratulation to him on this outstanding honor as a junior.

     Named to the All-Conference Team were 1st Team Levi Manley and Dylan Swabby; 2nd Team James Cavender; and Honorable Mention Wyatt Fleming.

     Named to the All Conf. Tournament team were Levi Manley, James Cavender and Dylan Swabby who was also named Most Valuable Player.

     Named to the All Lakeland Tournament Team were Levi Manley, James Cavender and Dylan Swabby.

     Named to the All Leeton Tournament were Levi Manley, James Cavender and Dylan Swabby.

     Named to the All-District 8 Team were James Cavendar, Levi Manley and Dylan Swabby.

     Named to the Dream Team were Levi Manley and Dylan Swabby.

     From the girls team, named All-Conference were 1st Team Courtney Fleming, 2nd Team Stephanie Goodrich and Honorable Mention Maddie McKeehan.

     Congratulation to all of these players and thanks again for a great season.

Come Help

     The first challenge the Mineral Creek Historical Society meeting group tackled was the listing of all the businesses that have existed in Leeton. The scrapbook being prepared includes photographs when possible, information such as location, owners, managers and those who worked at the company. Photographs will be taken of the memorabilia such as pens, pencils, caps, etc. that were used for advertising the business over the years.

     Ways to gather this information has been examining newspapers, yearbooks, county lists, government license records and of course the memory of each person involved. Old photographs can be a good reminder of what businesses were in buildings downtown. Before coming to the next meeting it is requested that a list of the businesses remembered be made.

     It is important to have a date of when the business was open and who managed/owned them. Again, photographs of the owner or business are important. Think of people who might have photographs for some of the businesses.

     “I think the group will find this to be fun,” reports Bob Wyatt, curator at the museum. “It will be almost like a mystery and in many cases. When a person says the name of a business it will bring memories for some. The stories should be quite interesting as the group combines their knowledge.”

     The projects will result in displays that will rotate throughout the year in the museum to let people know about the history of Leeton.

Thanks you for your Vote

Open Mornings

     For the past several months the Leeton Post Office has been open only in the afternoons from 12:30 on. The lobby has been open 24 hours a day. The Chilhowee Post Office has been open only in the mornings with the same post office mail carriers taking care of both Post Offices. That has changed.

     The Leeton Post Office will now open at 8 am and close at noon Monday through Friday. Saturdays the office will open at 8 and close at 10:15 am. When you visit the Post Office check the new signs to the entrance to the area where stamps are available. There are signs posted stating that the new time take affect April 12. The signs also state when mail will be available for pick up in the boxes and when the lobby is open. This change was announced by Clinton Postmaster Mike Daugherty.

Going to Columbia for State

     The Leeton R-X Music Department took part in the annual Spring Music Festival held at State Fair Community College recently. Those participating from Leeton and their ratings were as follows:
Trumpet Trio (Mark Evans, Aaron Norush, and Trevor Elwell) II
Horn Solo (Maddie Scrivener) III
Snare Drum Solo (Zach Rand) II
Flute Trio (Kayla Fox, Haylie Hilario, Savannah Carey) II
Clarinet Solo (Baylea Gray) II
Flute Solo (Kayla Fox) II
Clarinet Solo ( Taylor Prince) II
Trumpet Solo (Sammi Ellis) II
Clarinet Trio (Baylea Gray, Rachael Karm, Jade Schnatz) III
Flute Solo (Katie Fleming) II
Brass Sextet (Trevor Elwell, Byron Crowder, Maddie Scrivener, Ben Emerson, Joey Gudde and Liam Buell) IV
Clarinet Solo (Sidney Miles)II
Flute Quartet (Katie Fleming, Kayla Fox, Jordyn Kirby, Alyssa Welty) III
Snare Drum Solo (Dillon Carey) I
Piano Solo (Chris Hirni) II
Baritone Solo (Joey Gudde) I
Flute Solo (Jordyn Kirby) III
Baritone Saxophone Solo (Michaela McCormack) I

     All soloists and small ensembles performed for judges who rated them from I to V with I being near perfect. Three Leeton students will be going to Columbia to compete at the State Competition after receiving top ratings in Sedalia. They are Michaela McCormack, Dillon Carey and Joey Gudde. The large ensembles will compete Monday, March 31 in Boonville.

No Scores Turned In

     The spring season of baseball and softball are continuing but despite our efforts to get results of the games none have been provied. We encourage your attending the games and seeing the results first hand.
7-12 Wheatland Tournament – BB
9 Sweet Springs there – SB
10 Cole Camp here – SB
14 Osceola there – BB and SB
15 Lakeland here – SB
17 Lakeland there – SB
21 Windsor here – SB
22 Wellington here – SB
23 KC Lutheran there – BB
25 Concordia there – BB and SB
1 Adrian there – BB
3 Leeton BB & SB Invitational
5 Crest Ridge here – BB
6 Kingsville here – BB
9 Holden there – BB
12 Wellington there – BB
13 Wheatland here – BB
15 Stover there – BB

"Complete Home Furnishings"
108-110-112 N. Main Street, Windsor, MO 65360
Mark Moser - 660-647-3113

"Riding Away With Memories"
812 E. Young, Warrensburg, Missouri 64093
John Meyer - 660-422-7177 - Helen Meyer

"The Coming Christ"

     Tom Buttram of Leeton is using one of his books, “The Coming Christ” in studies at the Church House west of Leeton. The book includes an additional book to help explain terms used in the Book of Revelation, Daniel and other books of prophecy contained in the Bible. In the first book, he attempts to establish “hard points” concerning the Great Tribulation, Judgment, God's Wrath and the Second Resurrection. It is a relevant and timely study of Bible Prophecy concerning the end times and Jesus' Second Coming. Those wanting to purchase a copy should contact Tom Buttram or order from the Gospel Tract Society in Independence, Missouri. Their website is www.gospeltractsociety.org.

In Case You Don't Find One

     For those not living in Leeton it is difficult to get a copy of the newspaper despite increased printing numbers. Once again, the papers are left at Jodi's (available to read on the tables), Casey's General Store, Leeton Elevator, Leeton City Hall, Sunflower Bank, Leeton Post Office and Leeton Museum.

     If anyone wants one mailed to them on a regular basis the Leeton Museum requests enough money to pay for the postage. For a year that would be $25. Make the check out to “Leeton Museum” for $25 and mail to Leeton Museum, 400 N. Main, Leeton, MO 64761 and weekly copies will be mailed directly to the subscriber.

     If you have suggestions of things you would like to see in the newspaper or have questions concerning the Leeton Times please don't hesitate to ask. Send to the same address.

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117 S. Wasington, Clinton, MO 64735
Shawn McIntyre - 660-885-7088 - Jerry McIntyre


     Care for an easy delicious doughnut recipe? Here it is.
one fourth cup sugar
one fourth cup milk
Shortening for deep frying
2 cups self rising flour
Confectioner's sugar
1 egg

     Sift flour and sugar together. Add egg and milk to make a good workable dough. Roll out and cut with a doughnut cutter. Drop in hot shortening. Turn when brown and when the other side is brown take out and drain on paper towels or brown paper. May sweeten by sifting confectioner's sugar over them. Makes about 16 doughnuts.

"Be as Independent as Health Allows"
400 Care Center Drive, Warrensburg, MO

By Mary Bond

     In the 1980's I had some vacation time and my mother and I started on a trip to a place where neither of us had been before. We caught a Greyhound Bus from Topeka, Kansas, changed in Kansas City and traveled north via DesMoines, Iowa, and finally to Minneapolis, Minnesota. We arrived late on Sunday evening and checked into a hotel across the street from the bus station. I arrived with a horrific headache that I think may have clouded my personal perception of Minneapolis for life.

     The next morning we joined a Jefferson Tour which took us north to Duluth. The city was a very picturesque town built on a very hilly landscape. I have no idea how they navigate those streets in the northern winters.

     We spent the afternoon touring the Glen Sheen Mansion built with money from the iron industry. There were beautiful landscaped grounds overlooking Lake Superior. There were stables lined with white tiles. There was a smoking room, elegant dining room, parlor and a tile lined kitchen. Tile was considered sanitary as it could be washed.

     There was a huge built in ice box accessible from the kitchen and also from the driveway. This allowed the ice man to deliver ice without disturbing the residents. The upstairs contained multiple bathrooms with modern plumbing.

     In the evening we took a cruise around Duluth Harbor where we saw large ocean going vessels and the Areal Lift Bridge which raises to allow ships to pass through. It was the first moving bridge I had seen.

     The following morning we headed east following the shores of Lake Superior across the North Woods. We first crossed through Duluth's sister city of Superior, Wisconsin.

     We arrived in Black Harbor, Michigan where we spent the night on a dairy farm turned elegant resort. The barn had become the dining room where we had dinner and saw a musical show put on by Swiss entertainers.

     The grounds included a golf course. I was reminded of a friend who refers to golf as “cow pasture pool.” It took very little imagination to see the resemblance.

     That afternoon we toured the village as they pointed out the local eating establishment “The Ore House”---again, going back to the iron production in the area. We spent time at Black Harbor Beach. I have pictures sitting on the driftwood on the sandy beaches. We saw the large ski jump used for ski competitions in winter.

     It was noticed that garages were built very close to the road. The explanation was so it would be easier to get out in the winter with shorter distances to shovel show.

     From here it was on to Marquette for lunch and then to Sault Saint Marie where we would spend a day on a boat cruising the border waters. We had cake, punch and lunch aboard the boat and spent the afternoon cruising through the sea locks. It was enjoyable sitting back and watching the beautiful scenery along the way.

     In the evening we crossed the International Bridge and had dinner at a shopping center in Sault Saint Marie, Ontario. This was my first time on International soil. In those days we did not need a passport to go to Canada.

     On the way back, we stopped at customs on the bridge. The officer walked through the bus and asked each of us our nationality and the value of any purchases. My mother just stared at him speechless. I was beginning to think maybe I would be leaving her in Canada.

     The next day it was south across the five mile long Mackinac Suspension Bridge to Mackinac City to board the ferry to Mackinac Island. That is about a half hour ride and the ferry operates hourly all day and late into the night. There is no motorized traffic on the island, but there are many horse drawn vehicles as well as bicycles.

     It has a bustling downtown with shops catering to tourists, many fudge and taffy shops and several hotels including the “Chippewa” where we stayed. Restaurants, museums and a couple of churches filled out the scene.

     A tour sized horse drawn vehicle picked us up for a trip around the island. Much of the island is wilderness. There is a firetruck on the island for emergency and there is a school for the few permanent residents.

     Lunch was at the Grand Hotel which has one of the world's longest front porches with rocking chairs set to overlook the elegant grounds and pool. There was a lovely little stone church across the street. It was July and lilac bushes were in full bloom.

     From here we completed the circle around Michigan's Upper Pennisula and returned to Minneapolis where our bus awaited to return us to Kansas City.

     I still want to see some of the Lower Pennisula sometime especially at tulip time in Holland, Michigan. Add the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in Dearborn to make another great trip. I would really like to give Minneapolis/St. Paul another chance when I don't have a bursting headache. It was great to tour another beautiful area of our country and to see a portion of Canada.

What will the new year bring to Leeton?

     If you have an event or activity to place on the community calendar email to bob.wyatt39@yahoo.com or call 660-238-6156. There is no charge for placing it on the schedule.
14 – Osceola hosts baseball and softball
14 – Leeton Lion's Club meet
15 – Lakeland here for softball game
17 – Lakeland hosts for softball game
18 – No School (Good Friday)
20 – Sunrise Services at Methodist Church starting at 6 am
23 – Senior Citizens meet at community building at 11 am
28 – Leeton Lion's Club meet

Please Send $10 Today

     One hundred seven memberships so far this year. Who will be next? The cost of membership is only $10 a year or if you would like to have a lifetime membership it is a $100 one time gift for an individual or $150 one time gift for a couple.

     This money is used to pay the electric bill, upkeep on the building, and for the various mailings such as the bulletin and Leeton Times. The Society counts on your support to keep the Leeton Museum in operation.

     If you have not toured the Leeton Museum, plan to visit soon. The museum is filled with interesting history about Leeton and the people who grew up here. And don't forget to send membership dues of $10 made out to Leeton Museum. Send to Mineral Creek Historical Society, 400 N. Main, Leeton, MO 64761.



     The Church in the House meets Sundays at the home of Tom Buttram (formerly Fiorella's) located in the first house on the right around the curve south from the Junction of 13 and 2. Services begin at 10:00 and last all day including a noon meal. The public is invited to come and share in the study of the Bible.


     The Baptist Church meets at 10 for Sunday School and 11 am for worship with Pastor Doug Fritts sharing the message. The congregation welcomes all who are seeking a church home in the Leeton area. The congregation has just completed a wonderful revival and enthusiasm is building to serve the Lord in the Leeton community.


     The Leeton Methodist Church opened services with the singing of “O, For a Thouasand Tongues to Sing” followed by the reading of Psalm 23. “I Cast All My Cares" and “Doxology” were sung leading to the hymn, “Open My Eyes, That I May See" in preparation for Pastor Harvey Beach's message from John 9:1-41 and Ephesians 5:8-14. The closing hymn was “Amazing Grace.”

     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: April 2 – Lenten Study “Final Words From the Cross” at 7 p.m. (every Wednesday through Easter); April 3 – United Methodist Men meet at 7 pm; April 6 - Fellowship lunch after church on Sunday followed by an Administrative Council meeting; April 16 – Women's group meet at 1:30; April 26 – MDA Muscle Walk 5K at Arrowhead Stadium.


     The congregation welcomes all in the area to come to their services held every Sunday morning. The church is located at 805 SE 251. Sunday school is at 9:30 a.m. and Worship at 10:30. Sunday night youth and children's mission is from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. On Thursday night "First Place 4 Health" is held from 5 to 7 p.m. with director Ann Brault.


     On April 13, Leeton Christian Church had 103 for Sunday School and 135 for Worship. Opening prayer was given by Leon Moore. Dr. Dan Lowry shared a lesson as the adult class continued their study of I Corinthians now beginning Chapter 4.

     Greeters were Stuart and Karen Rohr; Nursery worker Donna Bartlett; Scripture and prayer by Bob Wyatt; Communion meditation by Travis Fleming; Offering prayer by Bruce Moore; and closing prayer Travis Fleming.

     The sermon was entitled “The Wonder of the Crucifixion of Jesus" using the Scripture from John 19:31-37. Before the message Chuck Cousins played a medley of Church Camp Songs on his trumpet that was enjoyed by all.

     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: April 20 - Easter Sunrise Service at Leeton Methodist Church at 6:30 am; April 20 - Easter Service during regular times with Praise Team; April 24-27 - Personal Encounter Retreat at West Central Christian Service Camp (cost $75 which includes all meals, lodging and resources); April 26 - Harvester's Food Distribution at 11:30am church parking lot; May 3 - Women of Faith meet at 8:30 am using the book, "Heaven Is For Real"; May 3 - Volunteers provide desserts for National Cattle Dog Finals dinner at Leeton Community Building 10am to 5pm; May 4 - Youth group to dog finals at the Fleming Farm.

Grinstead House is 140 years old

     On a map of Leeton in 1898 there are only three houses on the map. One was the house where Bruce and Linda Moore live. It was called the R. Wall house. The D. L. Wenrick house was located where the Sunflower Bank is now located. The third and oldest was the Grinstead House located at the northwest corner of Nickerson and Fewel. Judge Grinstead owned all of the land that had been the Brysons at that point in time. From his house to the western side of Thad Fleming's was the Grinstead farm. At the location of the house he had a vineyard, huge barn, chicken houses, coal house, smoke house, summer kitchen and a few other outbuildings. It was a very nice farm. One other house close by was the Francis Kelly house located south on highway 2 just outside the city limits on the east side of the road.

     The city council is discussing bulldozing additional "junk houses" in town if not restored or brush is not cleaned from around them. That would include the historic Judge Grinstead House located at the northwest corner of Lee and Nickerson.

     Judge Grinstead built the house well before 1895 when his fellow town founders John J. Lee built his house at the southeast corner of Fewel and Moulton and Henry Fewel built his at the northeast corner of Fewel and Moulton.

     These houses helped to attract a couple hundred people to move and build in Leeton thus firmly establishing Leeton as a town.

     The Grinstead house is in major need of repair. Could there be a community effort with volunteers to restore the house? It is a shame to see this landmark eliminated because of neglect.

     The Habitat for Humanity house brought that area of the community to life. This house just a block from the downtown could stimulate improvement to the entire surrounding area if restored. There are already several vacant lots in that area from city eliminations and fires.


If you would like something on the calendar
send it by email to bob.wyatt39@yahoo.com
or mail to Leeton Museum, 400 N. Main, Leeton, Missouri 64761

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