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October 25 at 2 pm in Christian Church

     The Mineral Creek Historical Society will be hosting their annual membership meeting on Saturday, October 25 at 2 pm. Business will include the election of two board members.

     The program will include a presentation by Bob Wyatt entitled “Finding History in a Shoe Box” as well as the unveiling of some new display items that have recently been obtained.

     All Leeton citizens or those with a connection to Leeton are encouraged to attend this meeting. Membership dues are $10 a year which allows the individual to vote on society business, tour the museum for free and receive special invitations to other events throughout the year. Send $10 to Mineral Creek Historical Society, 400 N. Main, Leeton, MO 64761.

Saturday, Oct. 25

     Harvester's Food Distribution will be Saturday, October 25, at 11:30 am in the Christian Church parking lot in Leeton. Plan now to attend if you need food. Last month it was reported that many families took advantage of the opportunity to get food.

     There are no requirements and no paperwork to fill out except revealing how many are in the household. Anyone wanting to pick up food for another individual is required to fill out a form and have signed by the individual(s) for which the person is getting the food.

     Those wanting to get food are to line up east on Summerfield from the entrance to the Leeton Christian Church parking lot at 11:30 am.


     The Leeton High School Marching Bulldog Band continued their impressive season bringing the 3rd place trophy from Missouri Day held in Trenton last Saturday. The color guard brought home 3rd place and the drumline took 2nd in their division. Congratulations on a successful marching season.

     The next parade the band will perform is the local Halloween Parade scheduled for October 30. The Color Guard and Drumline will be competing at the Festival of Champions in Warrensburg this weekend.

Leeton Cheerleaders and Red Cross Sponsor

     The Leeton High School Cheerleaders sponsored their annual blood drive in connection with the Red Cross. The event was Monday October 20 from 2 to 7 pm in the Willcockson Auditorium. Twenty five donated blood and this resulted in a scholarship awarded to a graduating senior this year. Another blood drive will be held later in the year.

Sponsored by Leeton Lounge

     The Leeton Lounge was involved in one of the success stories of the Leeton Fall Festival with their sponsoring of a Car Bash. For $1 a swing of a sledge hammer the people destroyed an old car donated by Beth. The event raised $140 which was donated to the LeeAnn Binder Fund. In addition, Tennie Seward, owner of the Leeton Lounge, donated another $100 to make the total nearly $250. He thanks all for their participation in the event.

"Riding Away With Memories"
812 E. Young, Warrensburg, Missouri 64093
John Meyer - 660-422-7177 - Helen Meyer


     This past week new items donated to the museum included a barber chair by Norma Ditty. The chair was purchased in Sedalia when it was in pieces. Her husband, Ron, took it and restored it using it to give the grandchildren haircuts. Ron had given haircuts while they lived in Kansas City and then again when they operated the Ditty's Market in downtown Leeton. His uncle had a barber shop in Leeton in the 1930's. The chair is a great addition to the barber shop/beauty salon display that is being put together in the lower level of the museum.


Oct. 22 – Senior Citizens meeting
Oct. 23 – Mid Week Bible Study at Christian Church
Oct. 24 – Jr. High team to East Lynne
Oct. 24 – Chilhowee/Leeton football against Northwest Hughesville (District)
Oct. 25 – UCM Festival of Champions in Warrensburg
Oct. 25 – Museum Membership meeting at 2 pm
Oct. 25 – Work Day at Harmony Church
Oct. 25 – Harvester's Food Distribution
Oct. 27 – Leeton Lion's Club meet
Oct. 27 – Genealogy Society meets 7 pm at Church of Christ in Warrensburg
Oct. 27-29 Jr. High Mid-State Tourney
Oct. 29-Nov. 1 FFA National Convention, Louisville
Oct. 30 – Halloween Parade in Leeton
Nov. 1 – Harmony Church Hayride and Chili Cook-off
Nov. 1 – Women of Faith meet at Christian Church
Nov. 1 – Jr. High District Honor Choir
Nov. 3 – City Council meeting
Nov. 4 – Election Day
Nov. 6 – Methodist Men's meeting 7 pm
Nov. 8 – District Band Auditions
Nov. 10 – Leeton Lion's Club meet
Nov. 11 – Methodist Women's Outreach group meet
Nov. 12 – Mineral Creek 4-H Club meets
Nov. 12 – Fall Sports Banquet at LHS
Nov. 13 – FFA Public Speaking Contest
Nov. 13 – Methodist Women meet
Nov. 14 – Mid-State Conference Music Concert
Nov. 14 – Middle School Fall Dance
Nov. 15 – Methodist's Deer Hunter Meal beginning at 4:30 am
Nov. 15 – Christian Men's Prayer Breakfast
Nov. 17-21 Library Book Fair
Nov. 19 – Senior Citizens meet
Nov. 20 – Board of Education meeting
Nov. 22 – Pre-Basketball Season Scrimmage
Nov. 22 – Mini Cheer Camp
Nov. 24 – Lion's Club meets

"Complete Home Furnishings"
108-110-112 N. Main Street, Windsor, MO 65360
Mark Moser - 660-647-3113

Oct. 27 at 7 pm

     The West Central Genealogy Society and Library will meet Monday evening, October 27, at the Church of Christ (lower level), 722 S. Maguire in Warrensburg. Social time with refreshments is at 7 pm followed by the program at 7:30. The business meeting is at 8:30.

     Speaker will be Rich Lawson who will be presenting “The Santa Fe Trail Lives On.” The speaker is a solid advocate of the “Old Trail” and enjoys sharing its history and memoirs.


     The Mid-State Conference should be a bit more exciting this year with some pretty good teams scheduled to compete. The conference teams are Calhoun, Chilhowee, Kansas City Lutheran, Kingsville, Lamonte, Leeton, and Wentworth Military Academy.

     A quick glance down the Leeton schedule shows they are taking on the best you can find in the area with a host of 2A schools. Good luck teams. We will be there to cheer you to victory.
Nov. 22 Pre-Season Scrimmage 1 pm
Nov. 24 Montrose here
Nov. 25 Stover here
Dec. 1 Green Ridge here
Dec. 5 At Sweet Springs
Dec. 8-13 Mid-State Conference Tourney
Dec. 16 At Lamonte
Dec. 18 Wellington here
Jan. 6 At Cass-Midway
Jan. 12-17 Lakeland Tourney
Jan. 20 At Calhoun
Jan. 22 At Otterville
Jan. 23 Bunceton here
Jan. 26-31 Battle of Hardwoods here
Feb. 3 Wentworth here
Feb. 5 Concordia here
Feb. 6 Kingsville here
Feb. 9 Sweet Springs here
Feb. 10 At Chilhowee
Feb. 13 At Appleton City
Feb. 16 Windsor here

Election Nov. 4

     The office of Sheriff of Johnson County is being contested by three candidates this year and Independent candidate Bill Brasel was in Leeton October 9 at the community building to meet the voters. The hot battle for the office also includes Scott Munsterman (republican) and Billy Wilson (democrat). Bill Brasel held rallies Thursday, October 2, in Knob Noster, Tuesday, October 7 in Warrensburg besides the rally in Leeton on Thursday, October 9. Bill is the former police chief of Leeton currently completing the unexpired term of Chuck Heiss who resigned earlier this year.

     Billy Wilson spoke to the Senior Citizens October 22 and left materials for them to share with neighbors. Don't forget to vote on November 4.


Veteran - UCM Alumni

32 Years with Johnson County Sheriff's Department





     HAPPY BIRTHDAY Renee Glaze on her birthday October 18.

     HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Travis and Tricia Fleming on their anniversary October 14.

     HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Katelyn Cole on October 26.

     HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Don LaCount on his birthday October 13.

     HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Larry Moon on his birthday October 21.

     HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Bruce and Linda Moore on October 16.

     HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Maddie Ross on her birthday October 21.

     HAPPY BIRTHDAY to J. R. Wheatley on his birthday October 27.

Visits Relatives

     The former Laverne Cunningham and her husband John Newman of California were here visiting relatives. Laverne was a missionary from Leeton to Hawaii and Jamaica in her college years at Ozark Christian College.

Do you remember 1984?

     1. What LHS students made the All-Conference Team in 1984?

     2. What LHS Music Booster event was held in March that earned over $3000?

     3. What Leeton land owners were named “Outstanding Conservationists” in 1984 in Henry County?

     4. What important matter was on the ballot that year in Leeton?

     5. What community wide event was organized and held for the first time in Leeton?

     6. Who was manager of the Hometown Cafe that provided a Sunday Buffet in 1984?

     7. Who opened a new real estate office in Leeton in 1984?

     8. What Leeton mother was named Missouri Merit Mothers of the Year by Missouri Mothers Organization?

     9. Who operated the B & J Store in Leeton and where was in located?

     10. Where were fishing and hunting licenses available in downtown Leeton?

     Answers located on another page in this paper.

Good Overall Season

     STATE SOFTBALL RESULTS: The Leeton girls softball team was eliminated in the first round of the district tournament after a good solid season. Hermitage (16-11) won the District and then lost 5-2 to Fair Play (20-5)in Sectionals.

     Fair Play lost to Salisbury (21-5) who was set to play Dora (24-3) while Canton (20-6) played Jefferson (21-7) in the semi-finals. The winners of those two games are to face off for the championship October 25.

Chili-Dogs Play Northwest Friday

     The Chilhowee/Leeton team closed out the regular season with two close games. Last week the team lost in overtime by 2 points to highly ranked Hardin Central 56 to 54. This weekend they lost in the closing seconds to Kansas City East Christian Academy 42-40. This is certainly a sign that the team has improved as the season has progressed.

     The team starts District play on October 24 against Northwest Hughesville. Winner of that game will face Southwest Livingston October 31 while Norborne and Hardin-Central face off. The winners of those two games meet for the District Championship on November 7. How far will the Chili-Dogs go? They seem poised to pull off some surprises.

     Other teams seeded “1” are in District 1: Rock Port (7-2); District 2: Stansberry (9-0); District 3: North Andrew (9-0) and District 4: Southwest Livingston (7-2).


Southwest Livingston (Record: 7-2 - 41.32)

Norborne (Record 6-2 - 38.75)

Hardin-Central(Record 7-2 - 38.48)

Northwest Hughesville (Record 4-4 - 29.28)

Chilhowee/Leeton (Record 1-8 - 19.12)


     The Leeton R-X Jr. High Basketball played in the East Lynne Tournament last week and both the girls and boys teams came home with 1st place. Congratulations to the teams. They will continue to play as they prepare for the Mid-State Conference Tournament to end the season.

117 S. Wasington, Clinton, MO 64735
Shawn McIntyre - 660-885-7088 - Jerry McIntyre


     Cabinet holds ten guns with two drawers and lower storage area. $220.00. Call 660-653-4629.

Leeton Recognized

     Major Ron Teter, a graduate of Leeton High School emailed this message concerning his daughter's involvement in preparing a Facebook presentation by the U. S. Air Force celebrating their birthday.

     “My daughter (Lt. Col. Belinda Peteren) put this on Facebook. It is one of several articles the Air Force is putting out in recognition of their birthday. I told her about your book and it was a big help for this article,” Ron wrote.

     Here is a portion of the article used from “Sacrifices of a Small Town: Leeton in World War II.” The book is also being prepared as a script for a documentary by a group in Indiana.

     “Sgt. Ellis Welton Teter (pictured far right), grandfather of Lt. Col. Belinda Petersen, was a tail gunner in the Army Air Corps during World War II.

     “He had just completed a mission over Germany when he found out his friend became ill. So he volunteered to go on the next mission in place of his friend.

     "The plane was shot down by a German fighter May 19, prior to D-Day. The Pratt Crew (2nd Lt Charles Pratt was the aircraft commander) was involved in a bombing raid to attack a marshaling yard at Brunswick, Germany.

     “The 492nd was caught without fighter protection by the German Luftwaffe. After being severely hit by FW-190's, Pratt announced to his crew that they were going to bomb the target 'come hell or high water!'

     “The spreading fire forced an order to abandon ship. Only three gunners made it out, including Teter, before the fire reached the bomb bay causing the aircraft to explode into a huge fireball. Teter parachuted over Germany and only three of the ten crew members survived.

     “Teter was captured by a German farmer who had a double barreled shotgun pointed at him. He was not injured, but his feelings were hurt when the German civilians would hit him as he was walking through towns.

     “He was interrogated by German officers for four days. During this time he was kept awake and poorly fed but he does not remember being abused or tortured during this time.

     “He was assigned to Stalag 4 and was a prisoner of war for 349 days. At Stalag 4, their food consisted of potatoes or sometimes barley soup once a day and a quarter loaf of bread once a week. Toward the last 78 days of his stay he was moved back through Germany because the Germans were escaping from the advancing Russians.

     “Not all of the Stalag 4 groups traveled the same route or at the same pace. Many of the ill or exhausted prisoners were assisted by stronger prisoners. Some POWs escaped and hid out until they found an Allied unit.

     “The 'Death March' spanned 86 days over an estimated 600 miles. Approximately 1,300 perished from disease, starvation, or at the hands of German Guards. Teter was one of the survivors.

     “He had three blankets; this was in early spring and it was very cold. They marched more than eight hours per day, with very little food if any, very cold conditions, and they slept in barns. Because he was raised in the country, he knew to go in the fields and milk the cows spraying milk directly into mouth.

     “He lost about 50 pounds during his captivity. When he was finally released at the end of WWII, he was taken to Camp Lucky Strike in France, and was then given food.

     “Because he still had time left in his term, he was sent to Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, where he remained until his honorable discharge as a staff sergeant.

     “He married Patricia Pryor and they had seven children. Their oldest child, Ronald Lee Teter, enlisted in the Air Force and retired as a major.

     “Ronald married Sachiko Nagai while he was stationed in Japan and they had one child, Belinda Ann Teter who is currently holding the rank of Colonel.”

     (Taken from "A Small Town's Sacrifices: Leeton in World War II," by Bob Wyatt).




"Be as Independent as Health Allows"
400 Care Center Drive, Warrensburg, MO

By Mary Bond

     As we get into October days of autumn, I am aware of the changing of the seasons. I see the beauty of the fall about us and feel the crispness in the air. The foliage is turning to its beautiful fall pallette, like nature's one last hurrah before winter. The pumpkins, squash, walnuts, persimmons and hedge balls are repining.

     I wonder what the perimmon seeds will predict this year? Will the seed look like a knife, fork or spoon or as a neighbor suggested, a back hoe signaling major snow.

     Marigolds and chrysanthamums are in full bloom in all their splendor. Our diets are switching to root crops like turnips, parsnips, and sweet potatoes and to the comfort foods like soups, stews and beans.

     Cattle and squirrels are busy growing warm coats for winter and gathering stores of nuts.

     We are treasuring these golden days while they last. One night soon Jack Frost will be nipping at our noses. Soon temperatures will drop below freezing. We will get up to frost on our windshields and windows. Leaves may still be hanging, but frozen. The gardens will be finished, flowers turned to brown stems.

     We will start a roaring fire in the fireplace or stove and dream of roasting chestnuts, popping popcorn, or sipping hot chocolate in the quiet before the rush of the holidays. It is time for a good book, knitting, starting a puzzle or playing cards, chess, checkers, dominoes in the long quiet evenings of fall.

     Another year is rapidly coming to a close, but somehow autumn with all its beauty is like a climax in nature that surrounds us with good feelings and memories.


     1. Cheryl Crooks (now Early) made the First Team for girls. Named to the Boy's First Team was Rick Schmidli. On the Second Team was D. D. Stoneking and Honorable Mention went to Freshman William Lynde.

     2. The Music Boosters held a Smorgasbord that had people crowding into the Leeton Gymnasium for a couple of hours one Sunday noon bringing in over $3000. People came from all over the surrounding area to enjoy a delicious meal. The Boosters were frantically running back and forth to the grocery stores getting more food as the crowd got bigger.

     3. John, Eldon and W. C. Jones from Lamonte owned a huge section of land at the county line in Henry County south of Leeton. They were recognized as Outstanding Conservationists for their vast improvements made through soil and water conservation projects.

     4. In 1984 the Leeton community voted on a bond issue to build the new school cafeteria, music room and library at a cost of $275,000. The bond passed 264 yes and 87 no.

     5. The Leeton Gospel Festival was organized with Mrs. Jim Thompson and Mrs. David Thompson representing High Point Baptist Church; Mr. Steve Hewitt and Mrs. Verna Peters the Leeton Baptist; Mr. Frances Howard from Church of the Brethren; Mr. and Mrs. Leon Cunningham from Assembly of God; Janette Graves from local Gospel Singers; and Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Haney, Jeany Clear and Bob Wyatt from the Christian Church.

     The festival included a community picnic following church services on Sunday after a full slate of competitions on Saturday which included Bible Bowl, basketball free throw shooting, archery, tennis, miniature golf, croquet, horseshoes, ice cream supper, puppet show and much more. The Singing Dickersons performed with the Youth for Christ Team from Kansas City climaxing the evening events with a concert.

     Note: The Youth for Christ had a club in Leeton at that time that was considered one of the largest in any community. Several of the young people appeared on television (Channel 50) and traveled as a part of the performance group.

     6. Wanda Livingston was the manager.

     7. Winston Riley, Blairstown, purchased the S.B.S. Laundry that had closed and been sold to Kelly Coleman of Bristle Ridge Land Co. He set up his own real estate office after remodeling it. Winston was a graduate of Ruskin High School in Kansas City and studied at UMKC and CMSU before studying at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Mike Myers had earned his real estate license and was employed as a part of Riley's agency.

     8. Freda Lee Powers, graduate of LHS, was named one of the nine finalists for the state title. She was sponsored by the Johnson County Extension Homemakers Council. Freda served as state president of the extension clubs and traveled to Africa to help obtain clean water for Kenya. She was involved in many family, church and community affairs as well as operating her own beauty salon in Leeton.

     9. B & J Store provided a variety of items to buy including music boxes, jewelry, groceries and was located at 111 S. Main and managed by Barbara O'Dell.

     10. Richey's Auto and Tractor Supply, operated by Marvin Richey in downtown Leeton, provided a service of making spare keys, full supply of NAPA products, paint, fishing and hunting licenses.

140 Year Old Building

     Built in 1874 the Hickory Grove Methodist Church located on CC Highway south of Leeton was destroyed by fire on October 3, 2014. The church had closed but in 1955 the building was adopted as the Hickory Grove Community Center and was the sight of regular community picnics, weddings, funerals and family reunions.

     The building was constructed at a cost of $600 in 1874 following the Civil War when most everything had been destroyed. The families are very disappointed to lose this special place.

Working for Leeton Over 50 Years

     For over 50 years, the Leeton Lions Club has invested thousands of volunteer hours and been the driving force behind hundreds of community projects. The Leeton Lions Club strives to better the community of Leeton through service activities, youth sports programs, and support of Lions International projects.

     The Leeton Lions Club meets twice monthly on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at 6:30 pm in the Leeton High School conference room. If interested in joining the Leeton Lions Club, contact a member, send a message on Facebook, or simply attend the next meeting to learn more. They look forward to having new members. Plan now to attend.

     In September they had a BBQ and Recruitment night at the Leeton Community Building when several members were added.

     At the Leeton Festival October 4 they sponsored a 5K Run/Walk with over $1000 raised for various Leeton charities including LeeAnn Binder for her bills from having a 3rd lung implant.

     Founded April 25, 1961, the organization has been a vital part of the Leeton community and continues to organize and oversee the summer recreation program, a 5th & 6th Grade basketball tournament in March, sponsorship of a boy to Boy's State, flipping pancakes for suppers and holding their BBQ rib dinner at the Leeton Fair.

     Here are pictures of various members helping to clean up the downtown. The lot used to be the home of Downing Motors but when the building collapsed it became an empty lot. Weeds and the dumping of some trash made the area a distraction from the beauty of the Leeton community. The Lion's endeavor to improve Leeton in many ways.

     They also restored the building originally used as the headquarters for the Leeton Electric Company in 1906. Later it became the Leeton Post Office, Ward Funeral Chapel and the Cold Springs Lodge and is intended to be used as the Lion's headquarters in the future.

     Leeton citizens are urged to consider becoming a part of the Leeton Lion's Club to continue the effort to provide activities for the youth of Leeton and to become a part of the on-going effort to make Leeton a better place to live.



     DINNER AT BUTTRAM'S: The Church in the House meets Sundays in the home of Tom Buttram (formerly Fiorella's west of the curve on highway 13 south of the junction). Services begin at 10 am and last all day including a noon meal. The public is invited.


     The Harmony Baptist Church has a lot of activities taking place each week. The CIA (youth group) has a meal on Sunday nights at 6 pm. Vickie Chambers is the contact person for this group.

     October 25, the church is having a work day from 8 am to 1 pm. Members are encouraged to bring their tools. Lunch will be provided. For more information contact Jerry Arwood.

     November 1, the congregation will have a Hayride and Chili Cook-Off. Hayride begins at 5 pm. For more information contact Vickie Chambers.

     Services are 9:30 Sunday School and 10:30 Worship every Sunday.


     The Baptist Church continues to gain in enthusiasm as the congregation studies the Word of God together. Chris Emerson, minister, preached during the worship service from Hebrews 7 with the message entitled “Only One Way.”

     The congregation is working to raise money for the Reuben South Mission. A goal of $300 has been set.

     At the recent Leeton Fall Festival the congregation provided free cookies, hot chocolate or coffee to those attending the community event. It was “warmly” received on that windy and cold day.

     Songs used in the worship service October 12 were “Come, Christians, Join to Sing,” “I've Found a Friend,” “Set My Soul Afire,” and “Now I Belong to Jesus.”


     Sue Owens provided special music for the congregation Sunday during the worship service. Songs sung by the congregation included “Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise,” “Doxology,” and “Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me.”

     Rev. Harvey Beach's message was from Exodus 33:17-33 and was entitled “The Glory of God.”

     The congregation is preparing a Deer Hunter's meal for November 15 beginning at 4:30 am. More information will be provided later.

     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Nov. 6 – United Methodist Men at 7 pm; Nov. 11 - Women's Outreach Group at 7 pm; Nov. 13 – Methodist Women at 6:30 pm; Nov. 15 – UMM Deer Hunter's Meal at 4:30 pm; Nov. 16 - Charge Conference at Windsor Methodist Church at 2 pm


     Last Wednesday night the Christian Church restarted the Bible Study after not holding it for a number of years. There were twenty five who met and selected I John to study. The group will meet Wednesday night at 6 pm in the sanctuary.

     Dr. Dan Lowry continued the study in the book of II Corinthians for Sunday School with 76 in attendance. Worship service was 106.

     Worship: greeters were Al and Denise Eaden; nursery workers were Karen and Josi Rohr; song leader was the Praise Band; Scripture and prayer by Tim Lowry; communion meditation by Leon Moore; offering prayer by David Fleming; and closing remarks by Travis Fleming.

     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Oct. 22 - Mid-Week Bible Study at 6:00; Oct. 25 – Harvester's Food Distribution at 11:30 am; Nov. 1 – Women of Faith at 8:30 am; Nov. 2 – Annual Congregational meeting after services; Nov. 15 – Men's Prayer Breakfast at 7:30 am.


     The High Point Baptist is ministered to by Pastor Cliff Dudley. Services are Sunday school at 9:45 and worship at 10:45 am.

By Bob Wyatt

     Last weekend the annual Terry Awards were presented in Branson to the Outstanding performers. I'm often asked who I recommend and this list pretty well sums it up as I agree with most of the choices.

     A special congratulations to Randy Plummer on receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award. He and his family helped raise money for the Leeton Museum in 2006 and he has been a contributor to the museum ever since.

     Best Gospel Quartet: New South

     Best Morning Show: Doug Gabriel Show

     Matinee Show of the Year: Patsy Cline Remembered

     Production Show of the Year: Hughes Brothers

     Tribute Show of the Year: Mike Walker

     Show of the Year: Baldknobbers

     Entertainer of the Year: Buck Trent

     Comedian of the Year: Terry Sanders

     Male Vocalist of the Year: Kenny Parrott

     Female Vocalist of the Year: Megan McCombs

     Best Duet of the Year: Rankin Brothers

     Vocal Group of the Year: SIX

     Steel Guitar Player of the Year: Dean Holman

     Fiddle Player of the Year: Wayne Massengale

     Lead Guitarist of the Year: Barry Bales

     Bass Player of the Year: Kevin Breshears

     Best Piano Player of the Year: R. P. Harrel

     Drummer of the Year: Robbie Blackwood

     Best Band of the Year: Grand Band

     Instrumentalists of the Year: Dutton Family

     Humanitarian Award: Barbara Fairchild and Paul Pluto

     25 Year Award: Clay Cooper

     Pioneer Award: Mike Patrick and Jamie Haage

     Lifetime Achievement Award: Randy Plummer

     In addition to these shows I highly recommend the “Texas Tenors”, “Haygoods”, “Jonah”, “The Brett Family”, and “Marco Polo.”

     Of course the “Grand Jubilee” would be a good choice since a number of individual winners, the Grand Band, New South Quartet and Pioneer Award Winners Mike Patrick and Jamie Haage are a part of that show. Congratulations to all.

Grinstead House is 140 years old

     On a map of Leeton in 1898 there are only three houses on the map. One was the house where Bruce and Linda Moore live. It was called the R. Wall house. The D. L. Wenrick house was located where the Sunflower Bank is now located. The third and oldest was the Grinstead House located at the northwest corner of Nickerson and Fewel. Judge Grinstead owned all of the land that had been the Brysons at that point in time. From his house to the western side of Thad Fleming's was the Grinstead farm. At the location of the house he had a vineyard, huge barn, chicken houses, coal house, smoke house, summer kitchen and a few other outbuildings. It was a very nice farm. One other house close by was the Francis Kelly house located south on highway 2 just outside the city limits on the east side of the road.

     The city council is discussing bulldozing additional "junk houses" in town if not restored or brush is not cleaned from around them. That would include the historic Judge Grinstead House located at the northwest corner of Lee and Nickerson.

     Judge Grinstead built the house well before 1895 when his fellow town founders John J. Lee built his house at the southeast corner of Fewel and Moulton and Henry Fewel built his at the northeast corner of Fewel and Moulton.

     These houses helped to attract a couple hundred people to move and build in Leeton thus firmly establishing Leeton as a town.

     The Grinstead house is in major need of repair. Could there be a community effort with volunteers to restore the house? It is a shame to see this landmark eliminated because of neglect.

     The Habitat for Humanity house brought that area of the community to life. This house just a block from the downtown could stimulate improvement to the entire surrounding area if restored. There are already several vacant lots in that area from city eliminations and fires.

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