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Leeton Boys 72 LaMonte 33

     The Leeton Bulldogs bombed the LaMonte Vikings with twelve 3-pointers enroute to a crushing 72-33 defeat. Led by a sensational performance by Dylan Swabby (five 3-pointers and 23 total points) and James Cavender (three 3-pointers and 15 total points) the team rolled to a 29-10 1st quarter lead and 49-20 at half.

     Team mates Aaron Norush (three 2-pointers) and Darius Cramer (two 3-pointers) scored six points each. Levi Manley scored five; Alex Smith 4; Caleb Cramer and Kyle Chaney each had three points (both 3-pointers); Trevor Elwell, Nick Baker and Cody Claxton each scored two points.

     Missing on the floor for the game was Wyatt Fleming who has been doing an outstanding job in the past few games. He has been sidelined with an injury but hopes to be back in time for the next game.

     In the Jr. Varsity boys game the team battled hard with the lead changing frequently. Down the final stretch the Jr. Bulldogs managed to pull out a victory against a tough bunch of Vikings winning 37-34.

     Next up for the Bulldogs is Wellington-Napoleon who always has a great team. The game is in the Leeton gymnasium and should be a good one. Let's fill the gym with Leeton fans to support the team.

Stage Come Back Against Lady Vikings

     The LaMonte Vikings were pulling away by the 2nd half leading 36 to 17 at half and extending the lead to 22 points. Leeton's Lady Bulldogs reshuffled and put their head down to go to work late in the 3rd quarter exploding with ten points in the closing minutes to come with in 8 points and back up to twelve at the end of the 4th quarter. Leeton 30 and LaMonte 42.

     With two minutes to play the Lady Bulldogs pulled within seven points before the Lady Vikings closed the door at the buzzer with one last shot. Final score was LaMonte 50 Leeton 39.

     Leading scorer for the girls was Hannah Harper with sixteen points. Courtney Campbell had 11 points. Jade Schantz had 6 while Stephanie Goodrich had 3 and Kennedy Early had 3.

     This was a good solid game for the Lady Bulldogs against the undefeated LaMonte team that clearly were the best team in the Conference Tournament last week. This improvement by the Lady Bulldogs continues to show they are building for a good finish in the season as they begin to put things together.

Leeton #1 in State 1A Standings

     The championship game for the Mid-State Conference Boys Tournament was between Chilhowee and Leeton. Need we say more? Their meetings are always battles and always exciting. This was no exception.

     In the first quarter Chilhowee jumped to a 7 point lead and were looking pretty good but the Bulldogs battled back. They appeared rusty in their plays due possibly to sitting on the bench much of their previous two games when they had taken large leads in the first quarter and sat out the rest of the game while the second and third team took over. By the end of the first quarter the Bulldogs regrouped and took the lead 11-10.

     In the second quarter James Cavender convinced everyone he was a good player with excellent shots from several locations. He ended up with six 2-pointers and three free throws for a team leading 15 points. Old "Eagle Eye" Wyatt Fleming shot five 2-pointers for ten points and helped the team maintain their one point lead at the half 22-21.

     Since the season opened Leeton has averaged over 70 points a game and the Chilhowee defense did an outstanding job containing them at ten points a quarter the first half.

     In the 3rd quarter the Bulldogs began to pull it together and began slipping away leading by as many as 11. At the end of the quarter it was 46-36.

     Chilhowee didn't stop attacking but worked harder to get control of the game. They fought hard the entire game showing how much they wanted the conference tournament championship.

     The officials recognized from the beginning that this game could get out of hand if the two teams were allowed to fight it out. The referees started calling fouls in the opening minute of play and established control of the battle. Fouls were called throughout the game on both teams and many players had four fouls when it ended. With two minutes to play Daniel Harness fouled out followed by Dakota Plemmons and Cody Grant, all from the Chilhowee team.

     In desperation Chilhowee fouled to get the ball back so they could have a chance to climb back in the game. Leeton did not make as many of their free throws as they have been doing in past games but they got enough. Once again Darius "Cram It In the Basket" Cramer nailed six free throws and Trevor "Going to the Well" Elwell hit four. James Cavender hit three. Dylan Swabby made one, Aaron Norush one and Levi "The Man" Manley four. Final scores was Leeton 60 Chilhowee 47.

     Stats for the night showed James Cavender with 15 points, Wyatt Fleming 10, Dylan Swabby 8, Levi Manley 8, Aaron Norush 7, Trevor Elwell 6, and Darius Cramer 6.

     Congratulations to James Cavender and Levi Manley for being named to the All-Tournament Team along with Dylan Swabby who was named Most Valuable Player.

Dominate Chilhowee
Leeton Girls 45 Chilhowee 16

     The Leeton girls jumped out to a 9-2 lead in the first quarter and quickly expanded it to 27-4 by halftime. Substitutes were being brought in after the break and the team continued to mount up a solid lead 39-11 going into the fourth quarter.

     There was a good team effort by the girls this game and their height was similar to their opponents. That signals they are going to do alright. They established their good solid defense right away. They held Chilhowee in the back court for lengthy periods of time, stole the ball frequently and prevented them from throwing it in from the sidelines. It was a tough game as Chilhowee never gave up but this game was Leeton's.

     Leading scorer was Courtney "Count It Up" Campbell with 16 points followed by Hannah "Hot Shot" Harper helping to run up the score with her 12 points. Others who scored included Jordan "Get Her Done" Mudd with 4, Stephanie "Good Shot" Goodrich with 4, Jade "The Jewel of the Court" Schantz with 3, Rachael "Reliable" Karm with 2, Taylor "Write It in the Book" Crooks 2, and Peyton "Payday in the Basket" Schmidli 2. Final score Leeton 45 Chilhowee 16.

     Congratulations to Stephanie Goodrich for being named to the All-Tournament Team. See others named farther down this page.

Long Battle With Heart Disease

     Mary Alice Bond, 67, of east of Leeton, died Thursday at 1 pm at St. Luke's Hospital on the Plaza in Kansas City. She was born May 21, 1947, in Windsor, Missouri, the daughter of Leo Hampton and Elizabeth (Cooper) Bond.

     Mary lived the early part of her life in North Kansas City where she graduated from North Kansas City High School in 1965. She lived there with her mother who was a teacher. She furthered her education by attending and completing studies at Metro Jr. College receiving an A.A. degree in 1969 and the University of Missouri-Kansas City graduating in 1971 with a B.A. degree in Sociology. She earned her Masters in Guidance Counseling in 1974 and at the same time was a substitute teacher in the KC area. She then attended Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, where she earned an A.A. degree in Gerontology in 1986.

     While in College she worked three years in printing and collatins in the Physical Science department. After graduating she worked in Topeka for twelve years as a State Disability Examiner. When she returned to the homeplace north of Windsor to help care for her mother she worked at Whiteman Air Force Base, helped with the family farm, served as a substitute teacher in surrounding schools, was certified as a counselor, and a hostess on the State Fair trams for twenty years.

     For the past two years she has been a volunteer at the Leeton Museum where she began writing a weekly column, "Mary's Memories" for the museum's free newspaper. Her articles have been enjoyed by all who read them.

     She was a member of the Windsor Christian Church growing up. She later moved her membership to the Hickory Point Baptist Church. While in Topeka, Kansas, she was actively involved in the Methodist Church there including a women's group. Moving back to the Windsor area she became involved in the Eldorado Church. In recent years she attended the Leeton Christian Church.

     She was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Kansas City, Topeka, and Henry County, Missouri; Colonial Dames of America; Red Hatters Society; Audubun Society; Mineral Creek Historical Society; and for many years participated in the Community Concert series both in Missouri and Kansas.

     She loved cats and dogs and established a rescue mission of her own to help save abused or lost ones. On the Missouri Century Farm of her grandparents, Pemberton and Georgia (Gibson) Cooper, she set up a place for these animals to be cared for and healed from the neglect, injury or sickness.

     Her other interests included photography for which she received many awards and ribbons over the years at various fairs. Her ceramic painting received top ribbons many times at the area fairs. She enjoyed horseback riding, square dancing and volunteering at the Leeton Museum. She traveled extensively over the United States having toured nearly every state and in the process met Presidents Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon.

     She was preceded in death by her mother Elizabeth (Cooper) Galloway (d. May 13, 1999); father Leo Bond (d, January 26, 1994); a step father, Finis Galloway, Sr. (d. June 21, 1988); a half brother Wayne Galloway (d. October 24, 1966), and half brother Finis, Galloway, Jr. (d. Dec. 16, 2003).

     She is survived by a half sister, Kathryn Richardson, two nieces, and many friends across the country who she met while traveling and working.

     Services will be at the Hadley Funeral Home in Windsor on Wednesday, December 17, at 11 am. Family and friends may view the body from 9:30 to 11 am before the funeral. Burial is in Laural Oaks Cemetery, Windsor, Missouri. Hadley Funeral Home is overseeing the services.

Leeton Boys 78 Lamonte 25

     The Leeton Bulldogs took on Lamonte's Vikings Wednesday night in the semi-final round of the Mid-State Conference Tournament and quickly took charge moving out to a 29-9 first quarter and 48-17 halftime lead. For the second night all substitutes were able to play a good amount of time.

     Dylan "Swoosh" Swabby quickly moved the team out front with four consecutive three pointers with Darius "Cram It In the Basket" Cramer adding one, Trever "Put It In the Well" Elwell two, and James "Convincer" Cavender another.

     In the first half Dylan scored 18 points and settled back on the bench to watch his team mates finish the job. James Cavender scored 7, Levi "The Man" Manley did a great job underneath scoring eight points in the first half and added another at the start of the second half before sitting down for good. Aaron "Crush Em'" Norush took over for him scoring thirteen points. Wyatt "Eagle Eye" Fleming tossed in eight points while Alex "Gets the Job Done" Smith added 2, Daniel Haney 2, and Caleb Cramer 2.

     The team made seven points at the free throw line as the officials let the team play hard and rough throughout the night. This victory moves the team into the Boys' Championship Game Friday night at 8 pm in the Kingsville High School gymnasium against the Chilhowee Indians.

     Chilhowee upset the 2nd seeded Kingsville Tigers in a very rough game. Despite Kingsville having three players in double figures and one at 8 points it wasn't enough. Justin O'Hare, Aaron Morrison and Wes Carton led the way with good support from Austin Bishop and Adam Cope scoring 70 points.

     Chilhowee was led by Tony Stamper underneath who dominated the boards with twenty points. Daniel Harness was accurate at all distances tossing in twenty points. Ethan Bohannan rose to the occasion shooting four 3-pointers for fifteen total points. Dakota Plemmons added two more 3-pointers for six. Jordan Lankford sank three free throws and two 2-pointers for seven points. Cody Grant had four points, Chris Mann 2, Ethan Stamper 2 to round out scoring. As a team they sank eleven free throws. Final score Chilhowee 79 Kingsville 70.

Kingsville 35 Leeton 31

     The Leeton girls powered their way to a 6-4 lead at the end of the first quarter but saw it eliminated by a determined Kingsville team. At half the Lady Tigers had moved to a commanding 17-11 lead, but the Bulldogs were not going to allow it. They came back after the break and ripped off basket after basket to move back into the lead by the end of the 3rd quarter. Sailing along through the fourth quarter the lead went back and forth but unfortunately the Tigers came to the end of the game leading 35-31 in a good game.

     Leading the battle was Jade Schantz sinking basket after basket underneath for a team leading nine points. Stephanie Goodrich scored 7, Hannah Harper 6, Jordan Mudd 3, Courtney Campbell 3, Taylor Crooks 2, and Rachael Karm 1.


     The number one seed Leeton Bulldogs entered the Mid-State Tournament ready to play. They demonstrated that quickly in their opening round with a convincing point blast of 30 in four minutes to start the game against Calhoun. By the end of the first quarter they led by 37 and by half were ahead 67 to 7.

     Substituting began in the first quarter as Leeton's jr. varsity team saw plenty of action. Off the bench scores came from Caleb Cramer (15 points for high point honors), Kyle Chaney (7 points), Cody Claxon (2), Steven Haney (2), and Ian Ginther (2). Only Daniel Haney and Nick Baker came away from the game without points despite both playing good games.

     In the first half Leeton's regular starters and top substitutes were led by Dylan “Swoosh” Swabby (12 points), Aaron “Crush Em'” Norush (11 points), Darius “Cramming in the Basket” Cramer (10), James “Convincer” Cavender (8), Wyatt “Eagle Eye” Fleming (8), Alex "Getting the Job Done" Smith (6), Levi “The Man” Manley (4), and Trevor “Put It In the Well” Elwell (2).

Great Team Effort

     The Leeton Lady Bulldogs are able to battle any team successfully if they are not overshadowed by height by the players on the other team. Just as in the Montrose game when they were equal in height, the girls dominated every aspect of the game. This was a team effort as well. Scoring stats showed three Bulldogs in double figures with Hannah Harper, Stepahnie Goodrich and Courtney Campbell each having ten points. Right behind was Jordan Mudd with 8. Jade Schantz and Taylor Crooks added six each. Hannah McGeorge scored 3. Rachael Karm, Haylie Hilario and Kennedy Early each had 2 points.

     The Leeton girls jumped out to a 26-2 first quarter lead and never looked back. At half they had moved the score to 40 points and settled in with everyone on the team playing. Final score was Leeton 61 and Wentworth 12.


     The Mid-State Conference Tournament was held in Kingsville this week with two excellent championship games resulting on Friday night. The scores are shown below.

     ALL TOURNAMENT TEAM SELECTIONS GIRLS: Stephanie Goodrich (Leeton), Jacqueline Guinn (Chilhowee), Sandra Arroyo (Lamonte), Kelsey Herring (Kingsville) and Most Valuable Player Cathy Butts (Lamonte).

     ALL TOURNAMENT TEAM SELECTIONS BOYS: Levi Manley (Leeton), Jordan Lankford (Chilhowee), James Cavender (Leeton), Daniel Harness (Chilhowee) and Most Valuable Player Dylan Swabby (Leeton).

Kingsville girls 58 Wentworth 10
Kingsville boys 47 Wentworth 35
Lamonte girls 46 Calhoun 15
Lamonte boys 54 Calhoun 38

Chilhowee girls 50 Calhoun 14
Chilhowee boys 58 Wentworth 29
Leeton girls 61 Wentworth 12
Leeton boys 89 Calhoun 22

Kingsville girls 35 Leeton 31
Chilhowee boys 79 Kingsville 70
Lamonte girls 49 Chilhowee 19
Leeton boys 78 Lamonte 25

Calhoun girls 46 Wentworth 33 for girls Consolation
Calhoun boys 47 Wentworth 43 for boys Consolation
Leeton girls 45 Chilhowee 16 for girls 3rd place trophy

Kingsville boys 64 Lamonte 43 for 3rd place trophy
Lamonte girls 43 Kingsville 30 for 1st place girls
Leeton boys 60 Chilhowee 47 for 1st place boys

"Complete Home Furnishings"
108-110-112 N. Main Street, Windsor, MO 65360
Mark Moser - 660-647-3113

Sponsored by Lion's Club

     The annual Lion's Club Pancake Supper will be held Dec. 15 in the school cafeteria. All the pancakes you can eat along with sausage and juice will be available. Plan now to support the Lion's as they seek to raise funds for recreational projects for Leeton youth. Serving will begin at 5 pm.

Contact School to Donate

     The FFA's Annual Food Drive is underway. Anyone wanting to donate canned goods should drop by the school or contact an FFA student from the Leeton School to pick up the items. This is particularly important as the community food pantry is short on food this year.

Sponsored by Baptist Church

     A special Christmas party is sponsored by the Baptist Church. They have set up a trip to the Truman Lake Opry's Christmas show in Tightwad, Missouri. Included in the trip is a meal at the Chuckwagon Bar-B-Que. Anyone wanting to go should contact Chris Emerson.

     The group leaves at noon on Saturday, December 13. What better fun is there than sharing together in fellowship and checking out a wonderful entertaining Christmas program followed by a delicious meal.

103 S. Main, Leeton, MO 64735
Tennie Seward, Owner

Dec. 15 and 17

     Music will fill the air as the various music groups of Leeton R-X perform winter favorites under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Weldon, music directors at the school. Programs are scheduled to begin shortly after 6 pm each night so be sure to be there to get a seat before that time. The Elementary School program is December 15 and the Middle School and High School program is December 17.

December 17

     The annual Leeton Senior Citizens Christmas dinner will be held at 11 am Dec. 17 with meat provided. Every one is encouraged to bring a covered dish to share in the buffet. Entertainment will be provided by the local school.

Sponsored by Leeton Fair and Leeton Community Betterment Committee

     The Leeton Fair and Leeton Community Betterment Committee are co-sponsoring the annual “Breakfast With Santa” as Santa Claus makes his visit to Leeton. Children are encouraged to come and have pancakes with Santa and have a picture taken at this annual event scheduled for this Saturday, December 13 beginning at 9 am.

Sponsored by Methodist Church

     The United Methodist Church of Leeton is continuing to sponsor a free hot meal one Thursday night a month for anyone needing a good meal. This month it is on December 11 beginning at 6:30 pm at the church building. This month the meal includes turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, dressing etc. Plan now to attend to share in the fellowship.

Call Today

     One bedroom apartment with range, refrigerator, washer & dryer hookup, trash pick up furnished, central air and heat, no pets, ready now. $300 a month with deposit. Call 660-429-5819.

Do You Know About 1923?

     The questions are all taken from information obtained from the May 10, 1923, Leeton Times Newspaper.

     1.How old was the Leeton Times in 1923? In other words how long had it been in operation?

     2.Who were the owners of the paper in 1923?

     3.Who was named Champion Farm Woman of Johnson County in 1923?

     4.Who were the Sunday School superintendents and ministers of the local congregations?

     5.Why did S. E. Brooks attend the Telephone Convention at Sedalia?

     6.Name some of the feed companies or produce houses that were in Leeton in 1923?

     7.Was there a fountain service with ice cream in Leeton in 1923 and if so what was the name of it?

     8.Was there a movie theater in Leeton in 1923 and what was showing?

     9.Where did a person get gas for their car or have it repaired?

     10.Where did the people buy there caskets for funerals in Leeton in 1923?

"Riding Away With Memories"
812 E. Young, Warrensburg, MO 64093
John Meyer 660-422-7177 Helen Meyer

Merry Christmas

     It is a busy season with all the programs and dinners but don't forget to remember whose birthday is being celebrated. Have a safe and happy holiday.
Dec. 12-14 – Nativity Sets on display at Leeton Museum 1-4 pm
Dec. 8 thru 13 – Mid State Conference Tourney in Kingsville
Dec. 11 – Methodist Outreach Dinner at 6:30 at Methodist Church
Dec. 13 – Breakfast With Santa sponsored by Leeton Fair Board and Leeton Community Betterment Committee at school cafeteria all morning
Dec. 13 – Baptist Church Christmas trip to Tightwad's Truman Lake Opry leaving at noon.
Dec. 15 – Leeton Lion's Club Pancake Supper in school cafeteria beginning at 5 pm
Dec. 15 – Holiday Music Concert (K-5th grade)
Dec. 16 – LHS Basketball at LaMonte
Dec. 17 – Methodist Women's Group meet 1:30 pm at the church
Dec. 17 – Holiday Music Concert (6th-12th grade)
Dec. 17 – Senior Citizens ham dinner 11 am
Dec. 18 – Board of Education meeting
Dec. 18 – LHS Basketball hosts Wellington
Dec. 20 – Christian Church rehearsal, caroling and pizza party for youth at 3:30 pm
Dec. 21 – Christian Church Christmas program at 10:30 am in the church sanctuary
Dec. 21 – Methodist Church soup supper and caroling at 5 pm starting at the church.
Dec. 21 – Baptist Church Christmas program at 6:30 pm in the church sanctuary
Dec. 22 – School out for Holiday break
Dec. 24 – Christmas Eve Service at the Methodist Church at 10 pm.

Alice Armstrong

     Alice Armstrong, 91, Windsor, died Thursday, December 2, 2014, at the Windsor Healthcare and Rehabilitation, Windsor. She and her family were former residents of Leeton and her children graduated from Leeton High School.

     She was born March 17, 1923, in Kirksville, the daughter of Andrew Wayne and Clara Leila (Forbes) Ward. On October 2, 1944, in Trenton, Georgia, she married James William Armstrong and he preceded her in death on May 19, 1973.

     Mrs. Armstrong worked at the International Shoe Factory in Windsor for over 20 years. She also served as Windsor City Collector for several terms. She was a member of the Windsor United Methodist Church and was a Sunday school teacher there for many years. Alice was a former member of the Windsor Garden Club.

     Survivors include a son, John Armstrong, Windsor; two daughters, Rhonda Hart of Versailles, and Aleta O'Neal of Windsor; five grandchildren; seven great grandchildren; and a great great grandchilddaughter.

     A private family burial was held at Laurel Oak Cemetery, Windsor, Friday, Dec. 5 with Rev. Peggy Eschelman officiating.

Here We Go A Caroling

     There will be music heard in the neighborhoods as two of the local congregations plan to go caroling in the near future. The Christian Church will be having a rehearsal for their upcoming Christmas production scheduled for Dec. 21 at 10:30 am at the church. On the day before, Saturday, Dec. 20, 3:30 pm the rehearsal will be held followed by Christmas caroling throughout the town leading to a pizza supper.

     The Methodist Church is having a soup supper at 5 pm on December 21 with caroling to follow. Come join either group to share the Christmas joy in song either Saturday or Sunday evenings.

Sponsored by High Point Baptist Dec. 23 at 6:30

     The High Point Baptist Church will be holding a special Christmas Service on December 23 at 6:30 pm. They invite the public to come share in an evening of fun and fellowship. They hope to bring back the inspiring and enjoyable memories of a past Christmas as they share together. Call 660-890-1730 for more information.

     The congregation continues to meet Sundays in their historic building at 793 SE 1000, Leeton, MO. Services are Sunday school at 9:45 am and Worship at 10:45.

Sponsored by Methodist Church

     The Leeton Methodist Church will be hosting a Christmas Eve service on December 24 at 10 pm with the public invited to participate. This is an annual event held at the church to help bring people's minds to the reason for the season.

Meet Again 50 Years Later

     Mary Alice Bond is in St. Luke's Hospital where she has been living nearly the past three months with various health problems. This week she had a wonderful surprise. Visiting her was Barbara (Bastille) Anderson of Orlando, Florida, a woman that Mary Alice met at Montgomery Ward's in Sedalia in 1962. They were both watching the TV sets in the store when they bumped into each other. They discovered they were both avid fans of a particular soap opera.

     After chatting for a few minutes, Barbara's family called for her to come as they needed to leave as they were on their way to New York. The two girls wanted to talk more so they exchanged addresses and for the past fifty years have been writing each other starting with Christmas cards that year.

     Though both have traveled extensively throughout the country they have not been able to meet again since that summer day in 1962. This week at St. Luke's Barbara dropped by for a few days visit and announced she was getting married in the spring.

Old Papers Provide Humor

     Reading some of the older papers is always entertaining as to the way some things are expressed. Here are some examples.

     “Weather somewhat cool for little chickens and gardens” the report came from Hickory Grove.

     Slat's Diary reported: “Well me and pa had a good joke on ma today. Having been sick and ill for a couple days the doctor had called every evening on ma. Today the preacher come by and when he asked her how she was getting along she stuck her tongue out like she had been doing for the doctor. The preacher wasn't too sure what to think about her action until he saw me and pa buckled over with laughter. Then he saw the humor in it.”

     Joke in the newspaper: “Did your girl come to the door when you serenaded her with your mandolin?” “No, but another fellow came a long and brought her out with an auto horn.”

     Here was one of those accidental humorous notes that appear once in a while in a newspaper because of grammar or punctuation errors: “The city council has passed an ordinance against chickens running at large and riding bicycles on the sidewalks.”

     Another from Slat's Diary: “One of our neighbors is an inventor. Now he says he has invented a machine which will do four women's work. Pa says that ma thinks she married one of them.”

     “The Baccalaureate sermon will be preached at the Bapt. Church instead of the Brethren as the piano has been removed from the building.”

At Leeton Lounge

     The Leeton Lounge is planning a New Year's Party for their customers. Reservations are required for the live entertainment so contact them if planning to attend. Owner Tennie Seward reports everyone should have a fun evening. He hopes there will be a good crowd present to wait for the striking of the clock at midnight. Contact the Lounge to reserve a spot today.

Border Collies Will Run the Course

     The United States National Dog Handlers Association Championship is coming to Leeton again. According to the hosts Thad and Kelly Fleming the event will be at their farm April 30 to May 3. This annual event has been hosted in Leeton the past two years with dogs from all over the United States competing. The dogs are trained to herd cows into special pins. They go over a variety of types of terrain and various obstacle courses with times and successes noted in the selection of the winners. Mark your calendar to attend the event which is a huge draw to the Leeton community.

Christmas Shopping Just Got a Little Easier
By a Book From the Museum

     There are a number of books available at the Leeton Museum that would make a great gift to anyone familiar or connected to Leeton. Here are some suggestions:
“Sacrifices of a Small Town: Leeton in World War II” - $25
“Disasters in Leeton” - $15
“Government of Leeton” - $15
“Transportation in Leeton” - $15
“Story of the Founders of Leeton” - $15
AVAILABLE AT THE MUSEUM, 400 N. Main, Leeton, Missouri 64761

Donate Today

     The local churches are asking for those in the community with coats that are in “good condition and not being used” to donate to a community clothes closet to help provide coats for those in the area that need them. There are children that attend the local school who do not own a coat. This project will help to provide for that need. Contact one of the preachers to make a donation.

Order Now

     The Mineral Creek Historical Society's new book to be released in time for Christmas is a presentation on the ways transportation has changed over the years since before Leeton was a town.

     Included in the book are photographs and information on blacksmiths, gas stations, first cars to come to Leeton and the evolving of transportation from riding horses to wagons to cars. Even pictures of the first hot air balloon in Leeton is included.

     The book is written by Bob Wyatt and will be over 100 pages in length. The cost is $15 each. If mailed for delivery add $5. Order at Leeton Museum, 400 N. Main, Leeton, MO 64761 and make check to Leeton Museum.

"Be as Independent as Health Allows"
400 Care Center Drive, Warrensburg, MO


     The Leeton High School basketball season began last week against Montrose on the home court. It is a long way to Districts in February and March but Leeton will be traveling to Northwest Hughesville for the tournament in District 8. Other teams in the district are Calhoun, Chilhowee, Lamonte, Kingsville, Otterville, Green Ridge, and Northwest Hughesville.

     Here is the schedule for all teams in the Mid-State Conference and their scores when available.

     November 24
Leeton girls 44 Montrose 22
Leeton boys 77 Montrose 37

     November 25
Stover girls 40 Leeton 22
Leeton boys 57 Stover 37
Kingsville girls 47 Ballard 38
Kingsville boys 45 Ballard 38
North Plate girls 69 KC Lutheran 17
KC Lutheran boys 57 North Platte 53
Chilhowee girls 30 Malta Bend 50
Chilhowee boys 77 Malta Bend 50

     December 1
Green Ridge girl 42 Leeton 30
Leeton boys 71 Green Ridge 65 OT
Montrose girls 53 Calhoun 20
Montrose boys 71 Calhoun 56
KC Lutheran girls 46 Sumner Christian Academy 44
Lincoln College Prep 101 KC Lutheran 34

     December 2
Crestridge girls 73 Kingsville 14
Crestridge boys 44 Kingsville 43
Lamonte boys 45 Wentworth 37
Miami girls 49 Chilhowee 25
Chilhowee boys 70 Miami 34

     December 3
KC Lutheran girls 59 O'Hara 49

     December 4
Lamonte girls 58 Kingsville 45
Kingsville boys 65 Lamonte 49
NEVC girls 43 Calhoun 8
NEVC boys 72 Calhoun 55

     December 5
Sweet Springs girls 53 Leeton 13
Leeton boys 65 Sweet Springs 50
Stover girls 54 Chilhowee 12
Stover boys 47 Chilhowee 40
Santa Fe boys 59 Kingsville 27
Santa Fe girls vs. Kingsville

     December 6
T. Jefferson (Joplin) girl 47 Calhoun 22
T. Jefferson (Joplin) boys 28 Calhoun 25
Metro Academy girls 63 KC Lutheran 44

     December 8
Conference Tournament (Kingsville)

     December 9
KC Lutheran girls 60 DeKalb 53
DeKalb boys 61 KC Lutheran 57

     December 11
Pembroke girls 66 KC Lutheran 51
Pembroke boys 67 KC Lutheran 39

     December 15
West Platte at KC Lutheran g & b
Lincoln at Lamonte g & b

     December 16
Leeton at Lamonte g & b
Kingsville at Archie g & b
Ballard at Chilhowee g & b

     December 18
Wellington at Leeton g & b
Kingsville at Sherwood g & b
Chilhowee at Calhoun g & b
NW Hughesville at Lamonte g & b

     December 30
Chilhowee at St. Elizabeth g only

117 S. Wasington, Clinton, MO 64735
Shawn McIntyre - 660-885-7088 - Jerry McIntyre


     Here is a dandy little recipe. Try it out. I think you will like it.
3 cups mashed sweet potatoes
1 ¼ cup sugar
½ stick butter
3 eggs
1 Tablespoon vanilla
¼ teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons baking powder

     Beat eggs and add the other ingredients. Bake 400 degrees for 30 minutes.
2/3 stick butter
½ cup brown sugar
1 to 1 ½ cup pecans

     Put topping on top and bake another ten minutes at 400 degrees.

By Mary Bond

     I wrote this column last September but failed to turn it in to the editor. I trust it will work here. Merry Christmas to you all.

     It is cold, rainy and gloomy here. I am NOT ready for winter.

     Had dinner with my old friend Melanie Friday night. She's from Brandon, England. Her husband cooked steaks for supper. They just got tickets to take us to hear the Siberian Orchestra concert in Kansas City on December 23. It's an afternoon show. We will have dinner and see some Christmas lights afterward. Don't know what I ever did to have the friends with which I've been blessed.

     I can't believe what tickets to concerts are selling for these days! I did so many many things when I was in Topeka and we NEVER paid more than $5---usually less---the price these days are culture shock!!

     I'm really glad I did the things I did when I did them. It's the same with eating. I rarely go to fancy places, just local cafes. Used to never pay more than $3 for an entire meal. I remember them getting up to $5 and thinking that was awful. Now I have to be careful to get out of the place under $10.

     As much as I enjoy eating it's really starting to cramp my style a bit. Now you really can go to the store and by stuff for that kind of dinner much cheaper. Unfortunately it is kinda hard to cook for just one. Thank heaven for the Senior Centers. If you are over 60 years old you can get a meal at noon for a donation.

     Well, I'm off to roost. It's so cold, I'm just going to crawl under the blankets. Oh wait! I had other things to tell you.

     On Friday, I went to Kansas City and spent the day with my friend Lois. We went to the American Royal Parade. It was two hours of marching bands, old cars, floats, Shriners, etc. All the bands were good. Even the Windsor High School Band participated. The Heart of American Square Dance Club float was a good one. There were lots of great looking horses. The event was “Heaven” for a parade freak like me.

     Following the parade we went to the city market and a garden shop. Was a pleasant day. Sunday I went to a church dinner on Lake of the Ozarks---an annual event. There was great food and lots of music. People from Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama and Iowa entertained and participated.

     It was a very scenic drive going to the church. Next Saturday will also be a beautiful drive as I hope to go to the Apple Festival in Versailles.

     Unfortunately, I'm horribly, horribly tired these days and short of breath. By mid afternoon I'm ready to crawl in bed. Could barely walk a block in Kansas City without stopping to rest.

     Well, I'm home and ready for bed. You take care and I hope to share with you again next week.



     The High Point Baptist Church will be holding a special Christmas Service on December 23 at 6:30 pm. They invite the public to come share in an evening of fun and fellowship. They hope to bring back the inspiring and enjoyable memories of a past Christmas as they share together. Call 660-890-1730 for more information.

     The congregation continues to meet Sundays in their historic building at 793 SE 1000, Leeton, MO. Services are Sunday school at 9:45 am and Worship at 10:45.


     SEE SHOW ME PROGRAM: The Church in the House met Sunday in the Christian Church to see the Show Me Home Christmas presentation. They then adjourned and went to the home of Tom Buttram (formerly Fiorella's west of the curve on highway 13 south of the junction). Services regularly begin at 10 am and last all day including a noon meal. The public is invited.


     SHARING THE MESSAGE OF CHRIST: The Harmony Baptist Church continues their youth services Sunday nights and regular services including Sunday School at 9:30 Sundays and Worship at 10:30.


     TRIP TO TIGHTWAD: Members of the congregation decorated the sanctuary for the Christmas season and Chris Emerson installed a new timer and light in the outside sign as the congregation prepares for the Christmas celebration.

     There were five guests at the service Sunday. Song service included “Go Tell It On the Mountain” and “Angels We Have Heard On High” to go with the Christmas season.

     The worship service was highlighted by Pastor Chris Emerson's message, “Acting Decisively” He used Esther 3:1-9 as his text.

     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Dec. 13 – At noon a group will be leaving the church to go to the Truman Lake Opry in Tightwad to see the Christmas show. Following the performance the group will enjoy a meal at the Chuckwagon Bar-B-Que. Anyone wanting to go should contact Chris Emerson. Dec. 21 – The church Christmas program will be held at 6:30 pm in the sanctuary.


     COMMUNION SERVED: The congregation met Sunday morning at their usual time for Communion. Opening song was “God Hath Spoken by the Prophets” followed by the Children's Candle Lighting Liturgy. The responsive reading was the singing of “Silent Night.”

     Message was presented by Rev. Harvey Beach entitled “Preparation” using Isaiah 40:1-11 and Mark 1:1-8. Following the message the congregation sang “Hail to the Lord's Annointed” preparing for Communion which was served. Final hymn was “Angel's From the Realm of Glory.”

     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Dec. 9 – Women's Outreach group meets at 7 pm; Dec. 11 – Community Outreach Meal at 6:30 pm; Dec. 17 – Leeton Methodist Women meet at 1:30 pm; Dec. 21 – Christmas Caroling and Soup Supper at 5 pm; Dec. 24 – Christmas Eve Service at 10 pm.


     SHOW ME DOES FINE JOB: The Sunday School attendance was 95 and Worship 116 this week. Dr. Dan Lowry presented the Sunday School lesson from II Corinthians 10.”

     Greeter was Lee Carton; Scripture and prayer was given by Bruce Moore; Communion Meditation by Terry Scrivener; Offering prayer by Joe Glaze; prayer requests and the benediction were given by David Fleming.

     The Show Me Home presented a humorous Christmas presentation stressing how commercialism has taken over. They provided good singing and humorous lines as they shared the story of Christ. Travis Fleming made the presentation from the Christian Church of a gift of $150 to go with additional gifts individually given by members of the congregation.

     A carry in dinner was held after services with a huge amount of delicious dishes. The tables were beautifully decorated by Juanita Detherage. Centerpieces were lanterns with greenery circling them and large pine cones on red napkins setting on a white cloth.

     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Dec. 20 – Leeton Christian Christmas program practice, pizza party and caroling at 3:30; Dec. 21 – Church Christmas Program during the worship service; Jan. 4 – Church board meeting.

How did you do?

     1. In 1923 the Leeton Times celebrated its 25th anniversary of publishing newspapers.

     2. C. B. Koons and L. R. Kenney. Koons operated the local drug store while L. R. Kenney was the Baptist minister.

     3. Mattie Caldwell of Leeton, 72 years old, was selected the champion farm woman of Johnson County. “She can do anything that has to be done on a farm, and frequently does a days work in the field, just to demonstrate that she can. A few days ago she drove a four horse team to a harrow all day, walking most of the time. She things nothing of hoeing out a garden. A few years ago, when farm labor was scarce, Mrs. Caldwell cut three acres of kaffir corn. She is a remarkable woman, and will live longer because she remains active.”

     4. Baptist Church: Supt W. W. Lamar and minister Pastor L. R. Kenney; Christian Church: Supt. Leslie McGraw and Pastor W. A. Morrison; Harmony Church: Supt. R. E. Wallace and Minister L. E. Hedrick; Methodist Church: Supt. J. W. Shoemaker and Minister L. C. Rapier; Brethren Church: supt. D. M. Wenrick and minister James M. Mohler.

     5. S. E. Brooks installed all the telephone poles in the town when it began in 1904. He remained with the company for many years.

     6. Farmer's Co-op Company, Barbee's Poultry House, Farmer's Produce Exchange, and Walter Wyatt's Leeton Produce Company.

     7. Cordry and McMillen had fountain service, ice cream, candy, cigars, tobacco and light lunches at their restaurant. They specialized in providing tropical fruit.

     8. The feature film was “What Women Will Do?” and the comedy feature was “Dog and Wolves.” They were showing at the Leeton Theatre located in the Opera House.

     9. Hunt & Greer Oil was receiving complaints from the town because they were absent from their gas station too much. The Leeton Mercantile had to answer their phone calls and run across the street to take care of the customers. T. F. Shy's new station opened in 1923 offering “Sinclair” Gasoline. Leeton Oil Company carried “Midland” Gasoline and Mobil Oil. Bartholomew's Garage and South Side Garage were also available to repair cars. One note: Thieves tried to break in David Wenrick's garage to steal his car but were unable to do so. The crooks moved on down the street and broke into the barn of Kenneth Cull where his car was located. They quickly started it and drove north away from Leeton. Unfortunately for them they ran out of gas and left it in a ditch. No damage was reported.

     10. Brooks and Meyers, furniture salesmen, also sold coffins.

Do You Know More About the Organization?

     Norma Ditty reported that she could remember some very special dinners held by the Modern Woodman in their hall which was located upstairs at the Opera House downtown Leeton. The area Modern Woodman would come together for a meeting and banquet regularly. One such get together reported by Norma was a lamb chop dinner. She says she can remember huge trays of fried lamb chops and freshly made buns. The food was prepared at her grandparents' store (the Bailey Store located at 101 S. Main) and carried across the street to the banquet hall. The attendance was large and the excitement and entertainment filled the night. Leeton was known for its fine dinners and well organized events.

     Larry DesCombes also reported having information on the organization. We are working to put together a display on the group. If you or anyone you know has information please let us know by calling 660-238-3692.

     The Modern Woodmen of America was founded by Joseph Cullen Root on January 5, 1883, in Lyons, Iowa. He operated a number of businesses through his life including a mercantile, a grain elevator, two flour mills, sold insurance and real estate, taught bookkeeping, managed a lecture bureau and practiced law.

     He was a member of several fraternal societies and created an organization that would protect families following the death of a father or husband who was the provider for a family.

     During a Sunday sermon, Root heard the pastor tell a parable about the good that came from woodmen clearing away the forest to build homes, communities and security for families. He adopted the term “Woodmen” because of this. He added “Modern” to demonstrate the current need and “of America” to symbolize patriotism.

     Originally the Modern Woodmen had a unique set of membership restrictions and criteria. Religiously, the group accepted Jews and Gentiles, Catholics and Protestants, and Agnostics and Atheist.

     On the other hand, membership was restricted to white males age 18 to 45 and only in the twelve healthiest states (Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas and Indiana)

     Finally, those employed in a long list of professions were also prohibited including railway brakemen, railway engineers, railway firemen, railway switchmen, miners employed underground, pit bosses, professional riders and drivers in races, employees in a gunpowder factory, wholesaler or manufacturer of liqueur, saloon keeper, saloon barkeeper, “aeronaut,” sailor on the lakes or seas, plough polisher, brass finisher, professional baseball player, professional firemen, submarine operator or soldier in the regular army in a time of war.

     In 1884 the head office was organized in Fulton, Illinois. The organization set up their own insurance and the first death claim of $698.58 was paid the same year. The main office was moved to Rock Island, Illinois in 1897, just two years after Leeton was founded.

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